Why BASKETBALL ain’t my thing (I think)

Japan should have created this anime back then.

My father is such a Basketball fanatic. He plays basketball, talks about basketball, PBA, NBA, Local…  name it, naa na shay  macomment.

When i was young, I think normal lang jud  sa kids nga ganahan ug cartoons. You know kanang kind of cartoon/kids shows nga permi italk ninyo sa school. Kanang mobira sa imong attention and makapafeel nimo left out if di ka ka join. Yes.

#1: Deprivation of favorite fun shows and trying to force Basketball as substitute.

Kanang ang feeling nimo kay nindot na kaayo ang episode sa certain kind of shows pero my father is focused sa Basketball and will not entertain your plea nga ibalhin ug laing channel even for a moment? I can still feel the pain and anger till now. I even imagine/wished while nagtan-aw sa basket nga mayntag maglinog and mabuak ang center sa court.

#2: One person cannot influence you. A crowd will.

My father is the only one who likes basketball in the family. Well, what do you expect. My father and mother created a family that composed of 4 girls. I am the monico iho! While my sisters are doing their thing, I am left with all the expectations of doing what my father want me to do – Basketball. My friends pud ato nga time sa school kay wala man poy gatalk ug basketball. I don’t have anyone to share if unsa man ganing happiness mahatag anang basketball. I remember, gikuyog ko ni Father sa church basketball game. I was depressed kay di jud nako feel. Wala koe passion. Wala koe inspiration. We even had every morning basketball routine, teaching me how to shoot etc. Still didn’t work!

#3: Concepts are far different from the real thing.

My father keeps telling me to pursue basketball, watch basketball in tv etc! But I haven’t seen a real good game pa. Kana bitawng if magtan-aw ka kay makanganga ka nga WOW… and then think, I wanna be like that. Waley. If only I have seen real players and be amazed by how they moves, maybe then makagain ko ug interest sa sport. But it’s too late already.

#4: Forcing a sport at a very young age.

They say that starting at a very young age will be best. It doesn’t apply to me. Or maybe it doesn’t apply when done incorrectly. I was a child with innocent mind. Looking around, copying things i think are good and fun. I did not perceived basketball as fun at all and I can’t explain why.

#5: If you’re tall then do basketball mindset!

Maybe I just don’t want people expecting much from me. Ngano nga kung taas kay basketball dayon ang ithink. Maglagot ko ana sa una. I hate the pressure. Mao ata na ang reason nga I hate my height tong bata pa ko. I don’t know how to play basketball and because of this mindset, It made me hate that sport.

#6: Malamya!

Back when I was a child. Malamya na jud daw ko. Dili jud sporty. Maybe mao pud na ang reason maong nigive-up nalang ang world sa pag-effort para ipabasket ko. But I really don’t think na malamya ko. It just happens na wala lang jud nabuild up akong interest. I think naa man guro koe laing field nga I can do better. A sport/place that I will be happy and at the same time excel? Dba? haha


Ang ending, wala jud koe sport nga makaingon ko nga I’m good at. 😀



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