Buwis-Buhay Rides

I love buwis-buhay rides!

I love the thrill, the sounds, the wind, the heartbeat, the sound echoed by my vocal cords, the faces of my friends na hindi mapicture. I love everything. Hindi ko maexplain much, pero I feel alive and less troubled.

This buwis-buhay rides last for max 5 minutes only. Mao ata ang reason that makahatag sha ug “I-want-more” feelings. I want to have more. I want more thrill. I want to forget everything even for a while.

But I really do make sure na everything is safe. As what Ate Alanis said:

 You like pain but only if it doesn’t hurt too much

Yes. I want buwis-buhay rides but i don’t really want to die. With the assurance that everything is safe, I can surrender to my faith and layat to the unknown.  Layat to your fear. Layat to the future stronger and better you.

Pero naay isa ka ride nga wla ko nidare ug try. ‘Tong bungee jumping sa Bohol! Di nako kaya to! I mean di ko ganahan sa feeling nga malambayog and stay nakabitin for a couple of minutes and all eyes on you in the circle of the ring just like a circus.  What if maka-ihi ko? haha Kaulaw kaha magdrip imong ihi while nagbitay and everyone is watching. Though wala ka namatay, pero good as dead na pud guro ka. Maybe, di ko ganahan ug buwis-buhay nga ikaw ra isa sa ride/activity! Para if ever patay, talo-talo na to pre!

The way you make me feel!

The way you make me feel!




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