Master of Nothing


Ever since nisulod ko aning AWS, wala jud koe field/technology nga namaster. After sa “intensive” training, gisulod ko ug .NET nga project. After, nag Java(Spring/Struts). After kay naabot ug Web Service. After kay naabot ug embedded project nga gamit kay C ug Actionscript. After kay balik ug Java(Spring/Struts). After kay gisabak ug .NET WPF/MVVM. After kay Android.

People might think nga:

wow, kadaghan gud nimog nasuwayan. Maayo na diay kaayo ka!

NO! DILI!. Not a chance! Trying everything will lead you to fail na mamaster even one sa namention. In the industry, people will not look at you as a person who is knowledgeable in all this techy stuffs. They are looking for people are are good in each specific technology. Dulot sa bones nga kamaayo. Say for example Java. Interviewers will not mind if nakatry ka ug PHP, .NET, Ruby, when ilang gipangita is Java Programmer.

Should I blame the company? Blame the Manager? Blame the God of Opportunities?

All I could do is blame myself for letting this things happen. I should have learn how to say No! When I was offered a project with a very new technology, dapat unta giask nako akong manager with these things:

  1. Dali ba ko mapromote if mojoin ko ani nga project?
  2. Maka-technical award kaha ko ani?
  3. Do you think makafeel kog self-fulfillment with this new project?
  4. Is it worth the risk?
  5. Would this be beneficial in the career path I’m taking?

But then again, projects are limited, people are scarce.

But then again also, that reason does not change the fact that people who were on a specific project for all their professional life get the higher chance of being promoted, higher chance of getting project/technical awards. And what are left for people nga ika nga Emergency unit (Kung aha kuwang ug taw or critical na ang project didto ibutang)? They gain the flexibility award. An imaginary award. But  it’s a talent nga kung bisag aha ka ibutang, makadeliver ka sa imong mga task. A talent na I don’t know yet how to use to its full power.

And akong gidawat ang tanang kahiubos. Gidawat ko ang mga question ug naga-answer ug smile. “Unsa ka nga programmer?” “Gosh, wala koy specialty!” Sayon ra moingon nga mao ni akong feel/specilaty pero deep within I know nga dili pa at par akong abilities. And baka nga libre lang talaga ang mangarap.

Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.





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