Mga Winning Pieces Nako.

Sa una pang kapanahunan, fan na jud ko ug mga singing contest. Frustrated singer ang peg and these are my top 5 winning pieces.

5. Diamonds are Forever. Shirley Bassey. I remember nga ginabelt out ni nako sa classroom pag HS during ordinary days and food breaks. Naforced akong mga classmate nga mafamiliarize ani nga song. haha The reason nga ganahan ko ani kay permi ni contest piece sa radio show nga “Binata Lang”.

4. I have Nothing. Whitney Houston. Nuff said, basta mahubog alam na!

3. On the Wings of Love. Regine Velasquez. I like myself some regine makabugtog ngalangala songs and this one is enough to suffice.

2. Through the Rain. Mariah Carey. Songs for the hopeful. Maluhaluha while nagabirit.

1. Through the Fire. Chaka Khan. I really really love this song. Memorized to the bones. Permi jud ko daug ani. lol. Ako ning themesong if sweeper mi sa highschool. Keber ang mga tao nga busy nagtoon for the class. “I’ll take it all the way” ang drama! Voila. And daghan kaayo version na ani. Daghan na ang much better kay sa original. lurv it.

What’s your numbeR?

How many have you tried among the following items?

1. Shoplifting in any department stores, groceries, supermarkets or alike within the last five years
2. Engaging in an outdoor sexual encounter with a total stranger
3. Answering a random but critical call of nature in the middle of nowhere without any sanitary back ups
4. Attending special occasions or important activities not wearing any undies
5. Sticking your booger underneath a table or workstation
6. Repeatedly wearing same underwear for at least three consecutive days
7. Sniffing your own upper, lower, midwest or midsouth body odor
8. Fulfilling sexual fantasies alone in public places like office building’s fire exit, friend’s house or food chain’s washroom
9. Swallowing your own puke
10. Intentionally not paying fare when taking FX or any PUV’s
11. Checking your own underboobs to see wether it’s wet or dry (or powdery)
12. Giving sexually provocative look to a prospect prior to official introduction
13. Singing aloud in a group of people with wrong lyrics
14. Washing dishes using recycled H2O
15. Sleeping on a stinky bed
16. Refilling containers of branded products with less expensive or local version of the item
17. Taking home free toiletries from a hotel
18. Having forced diet due to financial shortage
19. Growing your hair and claiming that you want to set a trend where in fact you just can’t afford a decent haircut
20. Not seeing any flick on a movie house for the last six months
21. Doing window shopping more than twice a week
22. Staying for hours in a well-known coffee shop without ordering but has been freely accessing wi-fi or just playing gadget games
23. Smoking Mark, Champion, Fortune or any less than 1 peso per stick brands of cigarettes
24. Using a so-called “jumper” or a “splitter” to save electric and cable bills respectively
25. Purposely not returning excessive change from a purchased product
26. Making friends to acquire status symbol or financial benefits
27. Not experiencing AirConditioning and electric fan is the only source of ventilation in the household
28. Graduating from a high school which was named after the place where you live, known Philippine Heroes or former Presidents (examples: Tabing Dagat National High School, Mataas na Paaralan ng Sapang Bato, Jose Pidal Science High School and FPJ Experimental High School)
29. Pigging out on a party of a not-so-closed friend with a secretly kept and packed foods to bring home
30. Writing down personal contact numbers on places like mall comfort rooms and on the backseats of public buses to search for possible phonepals, textmates, dates and hook ups.



Im a dirty whore lol


I love this game.

The Ice Bucket Trend.

I just hope nga tanang nag ice bucket challenge nagdonate para sa ALS or at least man lang nag raise ug awareness about sa sakit. Dili kay nagtugatuga lang ug buhat kay tungod lang ginominate sila or para lang naay mashow sa world nga in-trend sila.

ALS reminds me of  “1 liter of tears”, though dili jud same pero related ra man japon sa neurons/nerves. Something about your inability to control your limbs etc. Slow and frightening process of physical degradation. Makahilak jud kog popcorn ato nga series, and it was based on a real story which makes it more painful to watch. Ang ako lang, is the first time nga nakita ang icebucket challenge (which is sa founder sa fb), nagsearch ko about sa ALS. As i read the details of the disease, it makes me really sad. I thought about God and how He allows things like this to happen. I remembered Aya sa 1 liter of tears. Gidamdam jud to nako nga series baya. Damdam to the bones.

So before unta mag prepare mo sa inyong ice ug sa inyong camera, unta nagsearch mo ug para asa jud nang inyong kabuang. Personally, I don’t need to do that ice bucket challenge and jump into the bandwagon. Sauna palang tagabuntag nagaicebucket challenge na ko. Sayo sa buntag nga freezing ang tubig ko maligo. Monumb akong whole body. You don’t know my life. haha

That ice inside your soul.

Do not approach me sa Buntag!

My approachable time starts at 11:00am. So sa time before ana, expect me nga weird akong mga gestures. Di pa lang jud fully working akong pangutok in sync with my body.

Pero wala na nagpasabot nga wala ko nagawork. This is the perfect time para sa ako nga echeck ang mails, magsulat sa akong todo list, mag-check sa akong mga todo items, update sa life, update sa social life and hopefully sa love life #chos. In short, do not disturb me during this perilous time sa akong day.

One time, naai gipabuhat nako si Tatay around 10am (gush that is 15 minutes from my target arrival time). So I faked a smile, and mosmile ra man pud na si Tatay so fights ra. Pero ewan. Wala jud koe amor pa ani nga time. Labi nag Monday morning. Each morning is a suffering. Feel nako tigang na tigang akong beauty. But I don’t drink coffee. I am not a fan. Coffee seems not to work for me, choosy si coffee. And di ko ganahan sa iyang taste and if butangan nako ug sugar kay madefeat daw iyang purpose and makaincrease pa sa side effects nga pwede makuha. And sauna man gud bata pa ko ginapainom mi sa kong lola ug coffee then magkidlap-kidlap ang among eyelids sa akong igsoon. Literally! We will look at ourselves sa mirror and makita jud namo nga molihok involuntarily among mga eyebags/eyelids. Creepy yeah!

Mao pud na ang reason nga makuratan ko basta naai kalit modool nako sa buntag. Dili ko prepared! As in dili jud. Pwede mochat sa before moari sa akong desk? Basin man gud maka Bisaya kog kalit sa mga dili kasabot ug bisaya. Ug basin motumbling akong english pinakalit. I need no additional bloopers na. Enough is enough

Teach me how?


Let’s be honest, naa jud tay kalagotan nga maestra. And Mrs Peque is my special hated teacher sa high school. I know that she is just doing her job and who am i to judge? But who is she para etorment akong hs memories.

First. Religious! Mahadlok jud ko ug mga religious nga teacher kay sila jud na ang mga maldita pa sa character ni Cherry Gil. Si Miss Coniconde nga teacher nako pag elementary. Religious sha pero labayon daw ko niya ug eraser kay nganong wala nako gilabay ang basurahan. 6th floor among room. naa sa pikas building ang dump site. Si Miss Peque kay religious pud iyang drama. Mag-ampo mi ug mga 10 minutes. Such wise words mogawas sa iyang mouth. I hope makita nang mga wise words sa iyang relationship sa iyang students. Half of the class if not all, hates her! Ok tell me, who am i to judge?

Okay grabe ra guro kaayo akong vengeful memories. Pero naay one time nga gipaextra work mi niya sa after school, giparesearch mi niya ug mga meaning sa mga vocabulary words nga iyang gihatag sa library, then niana mi nga pwede ba sa balay since naa man mi own dictionary. Group activity to. Ana sha yes, you can do that. Pero the following day kay iya ming gikasab-an kay ngano wala daw mi sa library.. And of course ni answer ko niya nga nisugot sha, pero grabi iyang ka terror. Niana pa sha nako nga “Ikaw Joshua nig 4th year nimo aha man tika ibutang nga section? Section I?” . Too much for being so religious eh!

And I remember Piera, the great historian, board topnotcher <- isa pud sha sa mga top haters ni Maam Peque. I read tong iyang message ni Miss Peque tong pa-end na ang 3rd year and naharass ko kay walay known limits iyang hinaing nga nanggawas. Well, mao guro nagsuffer akong english pag 3rd year kay aside from the teacher-student relationship nga harsh ra kaayo between me and Mrs Peque, I don’t remember nga happy ko while naglearn. Ug everytime makaremember ko sa iyang mala mellow voice of a  tiger kay manglimbawt akong balhibo. Even by typing this entry.

But we are all good right now. Ana pa sha nga “English is a very important language, it is your ticket to work abroad”. Well, dear Madam, tell that to the Chinese. If you could only read the email conversation i had with so many Chinese counterparts, you certainly would get cancer!

All is well! The hatchet I buried for this hate is already considered antique.

My Dear Teachers! Naa si Maam Peque dira.

My Dear Teachers! Naa si Maam Peque dira.


Obon Week

Wala si Tatay whole week!

Obon (お盆?) or just Bon (?) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors.

So this is Obon week and wala kaayo tao sa office. Nabakasyon ilang mga beauty. Normally holiday unta ang mga Japanese company pero unluckily, Chinese man gud ni akong gitrabahoan so wala mi official holiday. Ika nga: Take vacation at your own risk.

So wala si Tatay whole week, magmail mail lang daw mi para dili na miss kaayo ang each other. So I’m free as a bird, hopefully makablog nako balik and finalize tons of drafts sa kani nga blog.

Happy bakasyon sa mga naay holiday! Ganbatte!

The reason i stay away from Church Groups.


Bisan na ug sa tibook kinabuhi nako, nagdako ko sa simbahan, still dili ko comfortable moapil ug mga church groups. Di nako feel moapil ug youth ministry, singles for whatever, prayer meeting, cell groups etc. Dili lang guro ko hilig magshare-share about sa akong life. Di nako feel mag-emote. Dili nako feel mag-advise. Dili nako feel magneed ug pity from other people.

Nagdako ko in Sunday schools. I know all common bible stories. I’ve memorize hundreds of wonderful and inspiring bible verses. Kaya nako litokon ang Psalms 23 by heart hangtod karon. Pero ambot ngano akong marember is not how inspiring life is in that little room of kids kundi kung unsa kasaba tong lugara. Mga batang maghinilakay. Mga batang giforce pasulod sa sunday school kay mahadlok ang mga gininkanan nga motyabaw sa normal nga service para sa mga adults. Makaremember ko nga ang mga bata magdala ug mga toys, magpalit ug mga lami nga food… and masuya ko. And by the way, lead singer ko sa una sa mga children presentation, how fetch is that.

Ug sa dihang nidako na ko ug didto na ko sa service sa mga adults. My body grew and so is my faith pero dili japon ko maingganyo mag-apil ug mga church activities. Something is telling me not to. Maybe because I’m confused and I don’t want to be confronted and worse, rejected and condemened. So keber.

Pero I go to church gihapon every Sunday…. tong naa ko sa Cebu haha.

I believe the church is not a museum of saints but a hospital for sinners. Pero I remember sa una, nabuntis ang backup singer sa pianist/worshipLeader, nasakpan nga naai relasyon ang deacon ug isa ka church employee, SILANG tanan kay nistop ug simba sa church. Is it their personal choice? Well I don’t know but I have a feeling nga dili.

Maong instead nga moapil-apil ko sa drama, oks na nako nga maminaw sa mga libak. Yes, ang church is puno ug libakira. I know that. I can feel that. And I have proven that.

Psalms 23.