The Ice Bucket Trend.

I just hope nga tanang nag ice bucket challenge nagdonate para sa ALS or at least man lang nag raise ug awareness about sa sakit. Dili kay nagtugatuga lang ug buhat kay tungod lang ginominate sila or para lang naay mashow sa world nga in-trend sila.

ALS reminds me of  “1 liter of tears”, though dili jud same pero related ra man japon sa neurons/nerves. Something about your inability to control your limbs etc. Slow and frightening process of physical degradation. Makahilak jud kog popcorn ato nga series, and it was based on a real story which makes it more painful to watch. Ang ako lang, is the first time nga nakita ang icebucket challenge (which is sa founder sa fb), nagsearch ko about sa ALS. As i read the details of the disease, it makes me really sad. I thought about God and how He allows things like this to happen. I remembered Aya sa 1 liter of tears. Gidamdam jud to nako nga series baya. Damdam to the bones.

So before unta mag prepare mo sa inyong ice ug sa inyong camera, unta nagsearch mo ug para asa jud nang inyong kabuang. Personally, I don’t need to do that ice bucket challenge and jump into the bandwagon. Sauna palang tagabuntag nagaicebucket challenge na ko. Sayo sa buntag nga freezing ang tubig ko maligo. Monumb akong whole body. You don’t know my life. haha

That ice inside your soul.


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