I can’t even imagine it.

I just bought a bicycle last weekend para unta exercise and to try something new sa akong daily life. And a ride to the office of course. One of my thoughts during my cycling is about sa lock sa mga bicycle. I thought nga dili na effective sa pinas kay if mangawat gani kay ang whole bike man ang kuhaon, so those locks are just useless. And then I appreciate the beauty of Japan nga lesser ang kawatan… well not until recently.

Nisayo ug uli si tatay like 5:30! And then since sayo man ko naabot sa office, thanks to my bumblebee ( name of my bike), so nisayo pud ko ug uli. Nihapit sa personal i-love-it store SEKICHU to buy some lights. I parked the bike just outside the entrance together with all the other bikes. Walay worries confident that it will be safe and ….  i was wrong again.

Pagbalik nako, naka bantay ko nga murag slightly paralleled sha sa road. I parked it diagonally like a normal bicycle rider would do. Pero wala ra ko, maybe some guy beside my bike moved it for some parking space purposes, pero pagtan-aw nako sa lock, it was 1/4 katangtangon and the numbers where obviously misalligned to what it should look like. It was FORCED! I CANT BELIEVE IT! Instead of being happy nga wala sha natangtang jud, my heart beat fast. Thinking maybe ang kawatan nagtan-aw pa nako now. I tried to breath. I tried to be calm. How could this happen to me? This bike is just 5 days old and I can’t even imagine if successfully natangtang jud ang lock ang magbyebye kang bumblebee so soon. I think maruin akong life and my trust to humanity will never be restored! NEVER!

I actually shivered on my way home thinking of the what could have been. Lessons learned: I will not be back in SEKICHU for a while.

Thanks for saving me a year of self pity and human phobia!

you can buy it here: LifeSaverBikeLOCK

I’ll take care of you bumblebee.


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