Bakakon Ko.

Forgive me pero lukaret pa jud akong mind kay 9am nga meeting with customer. And then as usual punctual si polyglot inchik (PI) so I’m expected to be there on time para naa shay kachika while wala pa si Tatay.

PI: Did you see the football game?
Me:(Maoy gidangat, unsay football? anong latest?) Nope.
PI: I watched the second half. It was really good.
Me: What team played?
PI: Brazil and hmmm. I don’t really look at the teams. I enjoy the game. I like football.
Me: Oh, In my country, football is not popular. The most popular sport is basketball.
PI: Oh, so you watch basketball NBA?
Me: Yes, I like basketball very much. I love NBA. Actually right now, it’s  final games between Spurs and Heat.
PI: When I was in college, I play basketball, but when I started working, I didn’t have the time to play and watch NBA. Also, you have to pay online when you watch the game.
Me: (Naa man free nga streaming ata) Oh, I see. But I also like Football. Football/Soccer is so popular in Japan. I kinda eventually like the sport.
(Naay naabot nga nihonjin sa meeting rrom)
PI: (In Nihongo) Kakita ka game ganiha? sa football?
Another Nihonjin: Wala, nindot ang game?
(Naabot si kuya)
Kuya: Maayo to sila nga mga players. (with laughters)

And I was like, magstart na ta oe. Basin mabuko pa ko nga namakak ra ko. 🙂 And then nakarealize ko nga Friday the 13th diay to and the meeting is so early so I think okay ra to nga namakak ko. And then later on, nagsearch ko about NBA and WorldCup and naamaze ko sa akong mga nalearn nga new about ani nga mga sports. And I respect people nga ganahan jud ug sports like these. Pero lahi naman ang sports karon. Naa namay apil gamble and I really is not a fan of gambling . Grrr

Yeah! WorldCup


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