How To Survive Horror/Thriller Movies

My love for movies started in college. My friend Israel really did influence me in the field of hollywood movies. Sauna man gud akong ate kay fan ni Kristine Hermosa ug Jericho Rosales. Si Mama kay ganahan ni Nora. So ako, follow lang. So by that time sa college, i also started to love horror movies. Up until now, i like these kind of movies pero ana akong mama nga ngano daw ganahan ko ani nya dali ra ba kaayo ko moigting! Like super igting… So here are my secrets.

1. Watch it in cinemas. Fear is best manifested when you are alone. Tan-awa ang mga movie plot kung aha ang pinaka kuyaw nga part? Yeah it is when the actor is alone in a dark rainy night. So don’t try to copy the movies’ environment! Be with friends. Enjoi.

2. Lower the volume. Sounds make the kahadlok 100% more traumatizing. To lower the possibility of sever traumatic experience, you have to lower also the sounds (Not applicable in cinemas). Also, didjaknow that the volume of the speaker sets the benchmark of the kakusog sa shout you would probably do. Less volume, less kahadlok, mas hinay na shagit.

3. Multitask. Kabaw ka nga hadlokon ka sa horror/thriller movie. You know that right? So be prepared to divert your attention to something during the most silent part of the movie where the lead actress went to that secluded area where a normal mind would already know something is gonna eat her.

4. Read the plot. I always do this para dili ko makaigit sa akong sit while nagtan-aw. If mamatay ba tanan ang casts or mabuhi sa ending si Kuya nga gwapo? Or unsaon pagpatay sa kaaway nga bisag kapila na gituslok, buhi pa man gihapon. But here’s an additional rule: Only read the ending or few last paragraphs lang kay naa dira ang ang part nga maglisod ka ug ginhawa sa movie.

5. Watch it twice. If mauwaw ka moshagit sa atubang sa imong friends kay mahadlok ka nga moshow imong real colors, then best thing is you better cheat. Tan-awa ang movie ahead before magtan-aw mo sa  imong friends or barkada. Then apply your acting skills, shagit shagit gamay, and show your kunwari sense of wonder.


One of my fave.

One of my fave.


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