I grew up as a shy boy. My family even called me as a boy with few words. (Weh?)

Maybe sa balay I’m a man of few words pero dili jud when I am in MY crowd. So if sabaan gani ko, it means im comfortable of having you around. Lol this doesn’t mean nga di ko comfortable around my family – just a little himutang lang guro #alamNa.

And I just realized nga tanang ginafollow nako sa Youtube is mga sabaan and babaon nga mga tao (e.g. Trisha Paytas, Wendy Williams). I don’t know pero murag nainfluence man ko ani nila oe. Is it bad or good? I even started talking to myself and karon nagpalit man ko ug doll, so now i started talking to my doll. haha

And though i talk a lot sometimes, but I always choose to listen. Labi nag babaon akong kastorya. Ma-amaze ko on how daghan kaayong mga topics masulod sa ilang brain nga mo-echo sa ilang baba. That’s talent baby and you better put it to good use.

Meet bernadette. My friend and best listener.

The Dreaded QUESTION.

Bayot ka dong?

<== haha no, not that question. It’s

Wala nimo na-miss mag-CODE?

Yes that one. I have to ask myself this kay hapit nako mag-one year and that means one year na pud ko wala gacode. I consider myself a technical person with full emphasis that I hate document creation. From DD to test cases. But funny that i like executing Test Cases and I like creating mails. I am not a demanding employee but i really love creating demanding emails labi nag work related. 😀

As an IT or CS graduate, as well as doing programming, we are also conditioned that after school, we all are gonna code to our hearts content and get good money. Well, my friends, that aint right and a lie from the devil. Specially in my school where programming is main stream and QA (Quality Assurance) is taken for granted. Most of us forget that IT is a very vast field and that field aint only for Coders. eh (Now i just sound like a black woman)

To answer the dreaded question, I would say that i would be telling a lie if I say no. So Yes, i miss the feeling of pressure and happiness after each milestone in the schedule. I miss the feeling nga dili nako kabantay sa oras kay perti nakong focus unsaon to pagmanage ang code nga dali ra sha sabton and yet efficient. I miss coding.

But that doesn’t mean I’m stressed and depressed and that doesn’t mean i need to tell people that it is okay and that i have shifted to a different passion. That Im looking forward for that managerial  spot and I don’t want to go back to coding. I cant say that! The future is still a blur. I don’t need to put sugar coating in my current job. I just believe that I am open for changes and I don’t need to say something to make me feel better and make you feel worse.

I still live by my principle that bisag asa ko ibutang, I will try my best to do what is expected from me. And I believe nga bisag aha ta ibutang, we learn something. Accept lang nang accept.

It’s just sad nga ang mind-set sa mga tao is basta IT/CS graduate ka kay programmer ka and if dili, kay you are FAILURE. The fuck is that? Is thatcha mama told yah?!. Well I have batchmates who are call center agents, English Teachers, Filght Attendants and even a Fireman. And I don’t feel any different towards them. We follow our own path and happiness is all that matters.

You might be the top senior programmer in your company but you don’t even hang out with you friends from college or high school. Well that my friends is called a fucked-up life.

Whatever bitch.

Look at me dance this rhythm

Random Memory: Yagonia at iyakan


Hi Sir Yagonia! Love you Sir! 😀 (c) Facebook

Sir Yagonia: Physics Teacher. Known nga lisod mohatag ug exam pero bootan sa lecture.

I know that I’m not good at Physics. Wala gani ko nagkuha jud ug Applied Physics nga course bisan pa ug double ang benefits ani sa DOST scholarship. And I blame my weakness sa HS namo nga Physics teacher. Wala koe nalearn or at least most of my classmates walay nalearn. Siya pud nakaparealize nako nga ang mga engineers kay dili maayo moteach. I prefer katong mga teachers nga nagstudy para mahimong teacher. Yes Capuras. Bootan man to si Capuras sa first week of classes. Enjoyable ang mga lessons, not until nakita namo iyang real color.

Back to Yagonia. The only memory nga akong forever etreasure is katong prelim exam man guro to. Not sure but basta churva nga exam. Few questions lang pero problem solving. I think isa lang pud to akong naansweran ug completo and di pa ko sure gani if sakto and the rest are just ipanalangin-sa-Diyos. But ang nakakaloka is when the bell rang which means tapos na ang exam, MY FRIEND CRIED.

Talagang bongga! Yung tipong tears that fell like rain na hindi mapigilan. Im sure everyone shared the same feeling, ang feeling nahugno ang world tungod sa exam pero most of us are strong enough and kayang itago ang mga kahiubos. Nakakawindang that exam.

But Yagonia is human and never thought he will do such a surprising act: Iyang gipaBRINGHOME ang exam! #likiRa Bless his soul.

Top Influence in Music.

These are my 10 best music influences. Can’t rank them so this will just be random order. Top1-5 in random order and top 6-10 in random order.

Top 1-5

  • Diana Ross. There was a time in my life nga naboang ko ug pinaminaw sa mga kanta ni Diana Ross specially tong member pa sha sa The Supremes. Her smooth and distinct voice always amazes me. And you would’nt want to know the number of songs nga akong memorize by heart. haha Diana is the reason why i love motown music.
  • Dionne Warwick. Very distinct voice. Bisan ug sa “We are the world” nga song with eyes closed makaingon jud ko nga naa si Dionne ngadto. 🙂 She influenced me so much nga girepeat nako iyang album sa akong playlist for more than a month.
  • Mariah Carey. Ang reason nga ganahan ko ug music. I was mesmerized by her voice during her prime. I love the old version of Mariah. Katong time nga ang iyang ginashowcase kay iyang voice and dili iyang boobs ug legs.
  • Whitney Houston. In the philippines, the top sports are the following: Singing contest and Pageants. And Whitney is everybody’s idol when it comes to contest winning pieces. And she is the reason I want to belt notes bahalag di makaya.
  • Aretha Franklin. The QUEEN! No words could describe iyang way of singing. Epitome of a black girl singing. She is the reason why people of today are singing. She is the reason why singing contests are created.

Top 6-10

  • Michael Jackson. The only man in the list. I just love his songs. I really think they are catchy and classy. I may not know most of his songs but my vocals are unknowingly mimics his’. I just hate the fact that his songs are too long and are coupled with lots of instrumentals. Imagine those instrumental portion sa karaoke, nganga!
  • Shania Twain. The first song that made me realize that popular music is a good thing is Shania’s “From this moment”. Growing in a religious family, all my younger years i was made to listen to church songs. And Shania broke that barrier.
  • Celine Dion. I was just influenced by how solid and strong her vocals is. She added the misconception I have for years that singing is belting. “Good singers are good belters”- and i was never been so wrong all my life.
  • Barbara Streisand. The crisp and clarity. That emotion and passion radiating from her vocal cords. She is the reason I love me some broadway tune.
  • ASIN. The only Filipino influence. I just love the messages of their songs. It really helped me develop the love for my country and also i have learned to have self acceptance and awareness.

Klaro ra kaayo nga mostly sa mga influences nako are women. I don’t know why pero I was exposed to these singers more than their men counterpart.



Diana Ross and the Supremes


If only i could swim, i would..

If only i could swim, i would

  • … be more adventurous in life.
  • … go to malapascua more often.
  • … buy a waterproof camera or go-pro.
  • … swim the widest of ocean.
  • … have dreamed to be a marine biologist.
  • … be excited everytime our church conducts summer outing.
  • … have wanted to go to boracay/okinawa/hawaii.
  • … like to be a fish.
  • … put effort in toning my body.
  • … sing “Kailan Kaya” by Sheryn Regis
  • … make friends with goldfish.

Kailan kaya puso ay iibig, kailan kaya matitikman ang isang halik? ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

Evil Student Deed (Friendster)

I think around 3rd year sa college man guro kay basta Digital Design to. Ganahan ko ato nga subject kay mahasa atong brain. Pero kato lang jud among Maestro nga grabe mag-exam, nga karon kay naminyo na nya iyang giminyuan kay iyang student sauna. #alamNa!


Dili ko sure if finals to kay basta major exam to siya. Taas kaayo iyang exam. Kana bitawng, answerable sha pero motake lang jud ug grabi nga time. Then dili ka pwede magpaspas kaayo kay prone to katangaan. Mao man ning maghimo ug mga mga circuit equations bitaw. Kanang tipong daghan kaayo probability, etc. Kay basta taas jud kaayo ang exam nya LIMITED baya kaayo ang time. By theory kay dili jud tawn to mahuman oe. JusKoLORD!

Tungod i feel miserable ato nga time. I think naa koe wala nahuman ug answer kay wala nai time. So log-in sa Friendster dayon. Create ug another account. Add the teacher! Message him! hahaha

Me: “Hello sir, oks ra ta imong exam pero haskang kataas pud oe. Hunahunaa pud tawn nga naa may time limit. Giconsider pud ta na nimo” – Something. basta ang ana ang message and mas intense to kay grabi pa to akong emotion.

Reply ni Sir: “Kabaw man ko nga dili maanswer to tanan given the time constraint. Ang uban ato kay bonus ra man” – Somethingish.

WA NA ko NIREPLY. Nag-ingon palang sha daan para walay hasol. Namroblema tawn kog inanswer ato. Lain ra ba jud ang feeling nga dili ka kaanswer kay imong kontra kay oras. #shit.

Mga ang ani to pero mas severe to .. very long equations etc. with matching sequence tables. etc.

Playlist: Grammy Record of the Years

Grammy Record of the Year from 1959 – 2014

I was planning to update my playlist then nahunahunaan lang nako nga why not look sa mga songs from grammy. Never thought nga there are good songs diay nga wala pa kaabot sa akong mga dalunggan. So from 1959 – 2014, gitop nako sila based sa akong personal taste.

Notable 5:

  • Sailing by Christopher Cross
  • All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow
  • Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye
  • Rehab by Amy Whinehouse
  • I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

10. Don’t Worry Be Happy (1989) by Bobby McFerrin

9. Tears in Heaven (1993by Eric Clapton

8. Love Will Keep Us Together (1976by Captain & Tennille

7. Moonriver (1962by Henry Mancini

6. Kiss From A Rose (1996by Seal

5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2006by Green Day

4. Beautiful Day (2001by U2

3. Killing Me Softy(1974by Roberta Flack

2. Rolling in the Deep (2012by Adele

1. Bridge Over Troubled Water (1971by Simon and Gurfunkel


Note: If you wonder giunsa nako pagrank, well, while naminaw ko, naa koe score sheets. Super bored lang ang peg?! haha


Creativity/Tone Vocals Lyrics Popularity
20% 40% 30% 10%

*pero di jud malikayan ang bias sa akong mga personal fave.