DIET Tips. (Lose weight)

I have my share of fat years and payat years. I drastically lost a lot of pounds without even doing major exercise routines. Here are my tips.

1. Drink plenty of water. Google will tell you that this really works. It helps you flush toxins from your body. My goal was to drink 2liters of water a day. Or more. But this should not be overdone. There is such thing as water intoxication. But this really worked for me. I drink a full glass of water every before and after meals. It makes me feel full or maybe I’m just fooling myself. During break hours, instead of munching with some crackers/ bread, i drink two full glasses of water and then the cravings go away. Give it 5 months and then you’re good to go.

2. Avoid Junks and Softdrinks. Common sense. Junks food and Softdrinks are comfort foods but they sure are good for those belly fats. Also, junks are full of salts and other diabolic substances. Salt helps your body store fluid in places where you don’t want them to be. So avoid very salty foods.

3. Eat small amounts and focus on fruits and vegies. This is the most typical diet tip evah! But I would like to add that eating small amounts also has to do with eating slowly. I have to emphasize this because this is so hard for me since i eat fast. Chewing food is an issue for me because sometimes I kinda just swallow the whole thing after biting it once or twice. Which is not good according to my reliable research. Just eat slowly and then after devouring the whole plate, drink water and then voila, you have now finished a whole meal with no regrets.

4. Routine Walk. Maybe this is the only exercise I love doing. I love walking. I walk from eskina banawa to our house. I walk from Fuente to Colon. I walk from PDI office to IT Park. During Sinulog, I walk from Colon to SM. I can survive a 1hr walk without complains. But basically city walks only. I can’t survive mountain hikes. I easily get tired and then I can’t breath and i feel like vomiting and my pulse is ticking like a bomb timer about to explode. I once went to a barrio wedding behind a mountain and I remember I almost collapse.

5. Save money for something. This works as good as the others. When you save, you won’t be buying much food. Simple logic. Base on experience, I buy cake and ice creams not as necessity but just for added fun for the tastebuds and experience to share during my chitchat with friends. When I want to buy something, I save for it like my life depends on it. I will quit going out and just focus on the prize at the end of the tunnel. Really, when I save for something, I forget how to eat. And when you forget how to eat, you lose weight.

P.S. Stay healthy. Whether you are fat or skinny, just stay healthy.



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