Playlist: Grammy Record of the Years

Grammy Record of the Year from 1959 – 2014

I was planning to update my playlist then nahunahunaan lang nako nga why not look sa mga songs from grammy. Never thought nga there are good songs diay nga wala pa kaabot sa akong mga dalunggan. So from 1959 – 2014, gitop nako sila based sa akong personal taste.

Notable 5:

  • Sailing by Christopher Cross
  • All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow
  • Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye
  • Rehab by Amy Whinehouse
  • I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

10. Don’t Worry Be Happy (1989) by Bobby McFerrin

9. Tears in Heaven (1993by Eric Clapton

8. Love Will Keep Us Together (1976by Captain & Tennille

7. Moonriver (1962by Henry Mancini

6. Kiss From A Rose (1996by Seal

5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2006by Green Day

4. Beautiful Day (2001by U2

3. Killing Me Softy(1974by Roberta Flack

2. Rolling in the Deep (2012by Adele

1. Bridge Over Troubled Water (1971by Simon and Gurfunkel


Note: If you wonder giunsa nako pagrank, well, while naminaw ko, naa koe score sheets. Super bored lang ang peg?! haha


Creativity/Tone Vocals Lyrics Popularity
20% 40% 30% 10%

*pero di jud malikayan ang bias sa akong mga personal fave.


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