Top Influence in Music.

These are my 10 best music influences. Can’t rank them so this will just be random order. Top1-5 in random order and top 6-10 in random order.

Top 1-5

  • Diana Ross. There was a time in my life nga naboang ko ug pinaminaw sa mga kanta ni Diana Ross specially tong member pa sha sa The Supremes. Her smooth and distinct voice always amazes me. And you would’nt want to know the number of songs nga akong memorize by heart. haha Diana is the reason why i love motown music.
  • Dionne Warwick. Very distinct voice. Bisan ug sa “We are the world” nga song with eyes closed makaingon jud ko nga naa si Dionne ngadto. 🙂 She influenced me so much nga girepeat nako iyang album sa akong playlist for more than a month.
  • Mariah Carey. Ang reason nga ganahan ko ug music. I was mesmerized by her voice during her prime. I love the old version of Mariah. Katong time nga ang iyang ginashowcase kay iyang voice and dili iyang boobs ug legs.
  • Whitney Houston. In the philippines, the top sports are the following: Singing contest and Pageants. And Whitney is everybody’s idol when it comes to contest winning pieces. And she is the reason I want to belt notes bahalag di makaya.
  • Aretha Franklin. The QUEEN! No words could describe iyang way of singing. Epitome of a black girl singing. She is the reason why people of today are singing. She is the reason why singing contests are created.

Top 6-10

  • Michael Jackson. The only man in the list. I just love his songs. I really think they are catchy and classy. I may not know most of his songs but my vocals are unknowingly mimics his’. I just hate the fact that his songs are too long and are coupled with lots of instrumentals. Imagine those instrumental portion sa karaoke, nganga!
  • Shania Twain. The first song that made me realize that popular music is a good thing is Shania’s “From this moment”. Growing in a religious family, all my younger years i was made to listen to church songs. And Shania broke that barrier.
  • Celine Dion. I was just influenced by how solid and strong her vocals is. She added the misconception I have for years that singing is belting. “Good singers are good belters”- and i was never been so wrong all my life.
  • Barbara Streisand. The crisp and clarity. That emotion and passion radiating from her vocal cords. She is the reason I love me some broadway tune.
  • ASIN. The only Filipino influence. I just love the messages of their songs. It really helped me develop the love for my country and also i have learned to have self acceptance and awareness.

Klaro ra kaayo nga mostly sa mga influences nako are women. I don’t know why pero I was exposed to these singers more than their men counterpart.



Diana Ross and the Supremes



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