The Dreaded QUESTION.

Bayot ka dong?

<== haha no, not that question. It’s

Wala nimo na-miss mag-CODE?

Yes that one. I have to ask myself this kay hapit nako mag-one year and that means one year na pud ko wala gacode. I consider myself a technical person with full emphasis that I hate document creation. From DD to test cases. But funny that i like executing Test Cases and I like creating mails. I am not a demanding employee but i really love creating demanding emails labi nag work related. 😀

As an IT or CS graduate, as well as doing programming, we are also conditioned that after school, we all are gonna code to our hearts content and get good money. Well, my friends, that aint right and a lie from the devil. Specially in my school where programming is main stream and QA (Quality Assurance) is taken for granted. Most of us forget that IT is a very vast field and that field aint only for Coders. eh (Now i just sound like a black woman)

To answer the dreaded question, I would say that i would be telling a lie if I say no. So Yes, i miss the feeling of pressure and happiness after each milestone in the schedule. I miss the feeling nga dili nako kabantay sa oras kay perti nakong focus unsaon to pagmanage ang code nga dali ra sha sabton and yet efficient. I miss coding.

But that doesn’t mean I’m stressed and depressed and that doesn’t mean i need to tell people that it is okay and that i have shifted to a different passion. That Im looking forward for that managerial  spot and I don’t want to go back to coding. I cant say that! The future is still a blur. I don’t need to put sugar coating in my current job. I just believe that I am open for changes and I don’t need to say something to make me feel better and make you feel worse.

I still live by my principle that bisag asa ko ibutang, I will try my best to do what is expected from me. And I believe nga bisag aha ta ibutang, we learn something. Accept lang nang accept.

It’s just sad nga ang mind-set sa mga tao is basta IT/CS graduate ka kay programmer ka and if dili, kay you are FAILURE. The fuck is that? Is thatcha mama told yah?!. Well I have batchmates who are call center agents, English Teachers, Filght Attendants and even a Fireman. And I don’t feel any different towards them. We follow our own path and happiness is all that matters.

You might be the top senior programmer in your company but you don’t even hang out with you friends from college or high school. Well that my friends is called a fucked-up life.

Whatever bitch.

Look at me dance this rhythm


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