I grew up as a shy boy. My family even called me as a boy with few words. (Weh?)

Maybe sa balay I’m a man of few words pero dili jud when I am in MY crowd. So if sabaan gani ko, it means im comfortable of having you around. Lol this doesn’t mean nga di ko comfortable around my family – just a little himutang lang guro #alamNa.

And I just realized nga tanang ginafollow nako sa Youtube is mga sabaan and babaon nga mga tao (e.g. Trisha Paytas, Wendy Williams). I don’t know pero murag nainfluence man ko ani nila oe. Is it bad or good? I even started talking to myself and karon nagpalit man ko ug doll, so now i started talking to my doll. haha

And though i talk a lot sometimes, but I always choose to listen. Labi nag babaon akong kastorya. Ma-amaze ko on how daghan kaayong mga topics masulod sa ilang brain nga mo-echo sa ilang baba. That’s talent baby and you better put it to good use.

Meet bernadette. My friend and best listener.


2 thoughts on “Babaon!

    • omergherd! Glen of unang putok. Hindi ko pa na post review ko sa book mo pero I am a fan! Tnx for dropping by and i doubt na nakakaintindi ka ng bisaya. Keep it up! mwah. ikiss ka daw ni Bernadette.

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