Babalik at babalik din.

pizza party

When people ask me if papiloon, would i stay abroad for the rest of my life? My quick answer is “NO”.

Bisag unsa pa kalayo akong maabtan, i still find peace in the place where my family is and the place kung aha ko una namulat about life. Bisan pa ug daghan krimen ug gamay ug sweldo, in the end, i know nga sa akong lupang sinilangan gihapon akong ending. And this is not being hypocrite. I concede to the fact nga bisag unsa-unsaon pag balibali, mas better jud ang buhay abroad(say Japan) .  All I know is I can’t see myself living in a foreign country all my life. Sooner it will end. Sooner, I will go back and celebrate myself being a true blooded Pinoy.

But I understand why people say that they want to leave the Philippines and settle abroad. Depende ra jud na sa taste. And dependi ra pud na sa experiences. Me, I don’t care. Maybe my experience is not that great and there is no one in my mind as inspiration every time i get my hard earned cash. I mean it makes no difference, emotional-wise. I am still so connected with my family  because of the internet. I am even more connected today than sa katong naa ko sa Pinas. Imagine i am 24/7 online sa FB. I can’t do that there.

But I suggest that once in your life you should try living away from your family. Dira nimo mafeel if kaya ba nimo or not. And then you can decide if you want to be forever an alien or go back to your country and eat your all time favorite delicacies. Being away and having all the freedom to do things your way is no easy lifestyle, maybe sa start it’ll feel like a dream come true, feeling complete freedom. Imagine, you can stay out very late at night, you can go anywhere, you can have sleepover without texting your mother, you can hook up without the fear that you inner circle will know (ehehe). That was my teen life’s dream. But ika nga ni sharon, “BAkit ngaba nakapagtataka, kapag ito’y nakamtan mo na bakit may kulang pa” and the worst is hindi pala sila ang inaakala mong enjoyment.

And there comes that ‘idea’ nga biyaan imong uyab sa Pinas. Well, I am forever alone man guro and i am not ready to mingle for any kind of serious relationship or what at the moment. I have been always this way, independent, and I dont need someone to keep me alive and kicking. Relationships do work for others but maybe not for me. I’ve been in my peak without uyab so what makes having one any different karon.

And so, sa haba haba man ng prosisyon, sa dinami daming putahing nakain, sa tanang worldly experience na documented and not documented, sa mga makalingaw ug maka-uulaw nga experience… it will surely lead me to go back to my country and enjoy my life and remember these ofw memories.



2 thoughts on “Babalik at babalik din.

  1. Bitaw Josh, murag same tag feeling. Naka work man pod kos abroad before, mga almost 3 years pod ko didto. Nice at first labi na kung 1st time pa nato malayo but eventually murag maglisud pod ko kung forever nako didto. Kay lisud jud malayo sa family. Pag ayo2x diha sa imong journey my friend.

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