The Pontiff


First, I am NOT Catholic.

Then second, I like the Pope.

Lastly third, he makes me reflect about life.

For me, religion doesn’t really matter. I believe that if something makes you do good things.. and it makes you feel good about yourself, then that feeling is more than any feeling of satisfaction a specific religion could offer. And it makes me smile everytime I see the Pope. I just see my self in him. A version of myself that I need to attain(a certain goal). It’s like the pope is the epitome of a person I want to be but never had the courage to start becoming one. The Pope is not perfect and so as the majority of the people. I am just happy that he needs not open his mouth and battle what religion is superior, it shows in how he act – just being humane.

Pope Francis, please continue to be an inspiration.

Side Note: It’s funny how some abhor the Pope due to religious differences and yet Worship Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Linkin Park, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift etc., as if they are Gods of Olympus. Saan ang justice?!


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