I rolled my eyes in exasperation.

rolling in the deep

There are times when I speak words from my mouth without understanding them. Literally like I’m not understanding a thing or two. Mao ni ang time magstudy ko ug nihongo or magbasa ko ug mga classic poems. I don’t see any difference.

Gabulabula lang akong baba while gabasa pero wala jud koe maunderstand… Now i feel so stupid.

As cliche as it seems, I love learning new things. But kanang new things that interests me. You can’t teach a fish to run miles on an oval track, or teach a bird to make friends with a six-gilled shark under the sea. And somehow I am tired or learning things that people around me shove down my throat. Why can’t I do things that I want and be happy. I have been living all my life chasing standards and perfection. Ngayon na ang simula ng pagbabago. haha

Which makes me wonder, ako ra ba ang gikapoy? And now i roll my eyes in exasperation.

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