Talking inside the Men’s Comfort Room.



Isa ni sa akong life rules: To never initiate chitchat inside the comfort room. I just dont get it and it is very awkward nga ang mga taw nga nangihi or nagpopo kay makadungog sa inyong talks. Hindi ako comfortable. Maybe it is common sa lady’s room pero sa men’s is just so horrifying imho.

My routine: do your thing, wash, look at the mirror, go-out. Never in my whole damn world nga if naa koe kaila kay mo-initiate ko ug topic like : “Busy mo sa work?” or worse “How is your day!”. Pero mas grabe ata if makigstorya ka while naa ka sa urinals. Is it just me or that is just plain nakakaloka. You are holding your thing while talking to me. I don’t want to imagine things. Stop. Better Stop.

Note: Pero if dili jud kalikayan kay well, then gorabelles.


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