I was a Doctor in College!


Nakarealize ko nga ang very applicable lesson nga malearn sa college kay ang pagdoctordoctor ug mga answers. Confidence lang kailangan and it can bring you a very long way jud in life.

Buwan: What is the status of these issues?
Me: I consulted with responsible person, they are currently pushing the vendor to fix that ASAP.
Buwan: Thanks.
Me: (in my mind while smiling) Ahak oe. nakalimot ko. wala ko kaask sa status sa owner sa issue dugay na raba kaayo ni open.
Me to Responsible person: Hi there. Can you please push the vendor to fix this ASAP. This is already taking too long and still no updates from your part. Please prioritize. ~

Then I realized nga I’m so good at doing this pagCollege palang. Labi na sa Physics Lab. Dili pa gani mahuman ang experiment naa na dayon koe answer kay offcourse search and google is my friend and I’m pretty good at it. Cannot blame myself kay limited ra kaayo ang time to perform the experiment and gubaon pa jud ang mga equipment. So, you know that : “Gi-Doctor ang result”. haha . A little bit of doctordoctor and a lot of courage and sweats lang and I graduated with flying colors.. Well, I know Im not the only one so don’t judge me haters! 😛


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