Too Numb to be Angry.


Im at a point in my life where I just let things pass me by and I don’t even care about it na. I feel like mangaway ug tanang taw nga maghatag nakog even the slightest reason para awayon. Then I questioned myself what have i become? Mao ba ni ang person nga nacreate after 5 years of my professional life?

I realized that I am more than that. There is no sense to feel angry about the current situation im in. I am stronger than this. I am more mature.  I have been a lot of self-pity moments already. I should grow up.

Then mao to- Narealize nako nga after all the years of high and lows, this life has made me so numb. Numb to a point nga dili na uso ang maglagot. I just let it stagnant for a couple of days until my tears dry on their own. I know myself and i know i cope up faster when Im alone. #padayonSaPagUswag.

As they said, mas easy jud ang magsmile lang kaysa magmog-ot ka and invites attention na noon. I don’t want attention. Maybe mao pud na ang reason nga all my efforts are left unnoticed.

Life is cruel. Bear with it.


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