Atomic Bomb! Little Boy!

#latePost #Hiroshima

I am so troubled karon.
I can’t help but to read hundreds of testimonials from 被爆者 (a-bomb survivors). As in, looy jud kaayo. Makaparealize jud sa ako how important life is.

I consider this as the highlight sa among Japan adventure last weekend(Aug8). As in grabe jud. The museum is so eerie and the whole experience inside is so heart touching.

Though naa koe kalagot sa mga Japanese kay daghan pud kaayo silag gipatay nga mga Pinoy sauna, but after reading all those stories and all the informatin about the Hiroshima bombing, makaingon jud ko sa akong self nga nobody deserves to suffer like that. As in grabe jud kaayo to the nth power. No words could express ug unsa ka-sad akong nafeel sa sulod sa museum.

I’m a changed man.



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