Ang Babaeng Hinugot ang Tadjang!

Tawagon lang nato siya sa pangalan nga Donna. Ang one of a kind na babeng kong maka-pose wagas.


Pangitaa si Donna?


This will be the first time nga magfeature ko ug tao nga dili Random Memory ang theme. Donna used to be my workmate. Nagresign sha kay nagsearch sa iyang heart’s desire. I think AWS is not the company she thought it would be. And i am happy nga nakita na niya iyang path, and luckily iyang new love pud. Iyang new love nga iyang nakit-an during the time nga magresign na siya, and ni back to LDR ang iyang peg. Pero going stronger naman daw silang Mr. Go. Go lang ng go! Gorabelles.

I remember Donna was my seatmate after nigraduate ug Action. Same me ug Dev, ay oops SQA pa diay sha ato. (before the SQA Genocide). And our long hours of talks and okrayan started and until now wala pa gihapon ni-end. Donna and I also share the same religion. Honestly wala koe friends kaayo nga same nako ug religion and at the same time kaokrayan. I struggle with my faith since i don’t know when and Donna reminds me to be back on track every once in awhile. I love you my friend dearest.

At isinulat ko ang entry na ito kasi naalala ko that i promised to write an entry about her. I kept my word.

Tomorrow is her birthday! Gorang na ang peg dai!

IF pangmodel hanap nyo, adtoa iyang blog: Citadelism


Same Sex Marriage (Church)

I don’t support same sex marriage.

First, I believe that love doesn’t need labels. I support people who live by the moment and treasure what is there and needs not complicate things by calling themselves ‘in-a-relationship” or even “married”. May mga bagay na mashadong komplikado e-descibe.

Next, not all marriages ends in fairy tale endings. Marriage is not an epitome of love. Daghan na gani karon duwaduwaan nalang ang kaminyoon. Pakasal kay ganahan. Away then buwag. Pul-an, ngita ug lain. Collect ng collect. So tell me folks, I love my rainbow community but is this the path you want to travel?

Next, do you really want to conduct a ceremony inside a church when the bible specifically is against it? The bible is the core of the Christian church, act wise.

Next na pud, daghan kaayo ko ug friends murag uhaw sa pag-ibig. I say, hwag magmadali. It will come in the perfect moment. Dont put marriage as your relationship’s goal. I-goal ninyo nga magdugay mo ug dili mahuman na inyong “forever”.

P.S. Civil Partner would be perfect. The term “Marriage” makes the whole idea wrong imho. And I believe the Philippines still has a very long way before ma-approve ni. #goodLuckPinas



Random Memory: Lesson Plan ni Sir.

Back in 1st year high school… A time nga virgin pa kaayo ug pangutok

Nagretire na si Sir Empuerto. First Teacher sa HS. First subject sa morning. Subject: DRAFTING.

Bugalbugalon kaayo sha and lingaw ang klase. Permi lang mi katawa. Moreover, naay cgg adto sa room lalaki nga magwhite tshirt. Usahay kay magsando. Ana si Sir, iya daw tong stujante sa una nga gitabangan ug paskwela. Nitoo ra pud ko.

Sa ibang dako, naai assignment si sir Empuerto gihatag. Wala ko kabalo mao diay to iyang basehan sa usa ka task nga wala koi care. Naa diay shay pasuwaton sa iyang lesson plan. Ug tood man, ako ang nakadaug. haha. UU, nindot ko ug penmanship sa una. Azen jud. karon kay ambot unsay nahitabo, pangit na kaayo. Nakathink lang ko sauna, nga work man na sa teacher nga magsuwat ug lesson plan, dili man na sa estudjante.. Ug tungod kay virgin pa kaayo ko, nisuwat ra pud ko sa walay duha duha.. Pero daghan kog sayop. In short, wala nasatisfied sa akong output. Hahaha and wala nako nahuman ang kato nga work item.

Mao gurong walay time magsuwat sa iyang lesson plan kay tungod busy entertain sa lalaki nga cgg adto sa room. UG sa dihang di pa usong gaydar atong panahona.. ug sa dihang wala jud ko kabantay nga uyab diay to niya. Pak! Ganun. Ug wala jud ko kabalo nga babayng pak-an diay si Sir.

Love you sir Empuerts! #wishingYouAllTheBestInLife

PS: Nastress kog pinangita ug picture ni Sir Empuerto oe so kani nalang nga pic akong idisplay. By the way, retired na diay ni si Sir Empuerto. Nag-enjoy na ni sha sa iyang life guro karon.


Mi Paborito! etc.

My Favorite Day of the Week: WEDNESDAY
My Favorite Food Place: Jollibee
My Favorite Sport: Scrabble
My Favorite TV Show: Modern Family
My Favorite Color: Red & Green
My Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands
My Favorite Chocolate: Snickers
My Favorite Subject: Science
My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Double Dutch/ Very Rocky Road
My Favorite Pizza Place: Alberto’s
My Favorite Fruit: Apple
My Favorite Holiday: Christmas
My Favorite Philippine Actor: John Lloyd Cruz
My Favorite Hollywood Actor: Johnny Depp
My Favorite Philippine Actress: Anne Curtis/Bea Alonzo
My Favorite Hollywood Actress: Cameron Diaz
My Favorite Past time: Youtube Streaming

My Hatest Day of the Week: THURSDAY
My Hatest Food Place: BonChon Ayala
My Hatest Sport: Basketball
My Hatest TV Show: PBB
My Hatest Color: Pink & Yellow
My Hatest Movie: Human Centipede
My Hatest Chocolate: Anything 95% cocoa
My Hatest Subject: Filipino (HS)
My Hatest Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla
My Hatest Pizza Place: Pizza Hut
My Hatest Fruit: Tisa (Canistel)
My Hatest Holiday: White Day (Japan)
My Hatest Philippine Actor: Vice Ganda (but i like him as a host and comedian)
My Hatest Philippine Actress: Alex Gonzaga


Career or Happy Home?

As a Filipina woman, what do you think is more important? A successful career or a happy home?

Magandang araw sa inyong lahat. This will always go down to the ultimate life’s question: how do you measure happiness? Ano po ba ang kaligayan sa ating lahat? Paano po ba magiging maligaya ang isang tahanan? Bilang isang taong lumaki sa isang hindi marangyang pamumuhay, alam ko na hindi sapat ang maglaro sa lansangan at magningning ang mata sa mga laruan na kahit anong gawin ay hindi mabibili ng iyong magulang. #charlang And I might get misunderstood if  I equate successful career with money, but that’s the way it is. Pagtitinda ng balot ay hindi career kundi ito ay occupation. May pagkakaiba. For me, mas pipiliin ko ang successful career. When you have the career and money to support a family, then a home will surely wait down the bend. Thank you and Mabuhay.



The Moment I decided not to be an Achiever anymore.

Sauna wala ra jud na nako nga dapat always on top. Ang akong motto lang is to do what I’m supposed to do. So nagastudy lang jud ko <== that is all i can do as a student. I don’t consider myself gifted and highly intelligent. I think people can see me nga bright is because (first) I always come prepared and (second) I always pray to God for guidance. And after all these years I can say nga dali ra ko makat-on and that is my strong point.

More to life?
I believe that there is more to life than all those achievements and feeling of supremacy towards others. Para nako mas nindot man diay nga makighimamat ka sa mga tao and together do things happily without any pressure. Being on top only leaves you to one direction – that is to go down. Putting yourself on top only tires you and you just might lose yourself in the blur of the stars (like what jessie says). And in the end you find yourself alone or in the presence of opportunistic people.

After college, I realized that there is no need to force myself’s worth to someone else’s throat. The days of the medals, certificates and applauses are over. I am done making my parents proud and letting them be on stages where all eyes on us and applause are loud. This is the time where I build and rebuild relationships. Look back and renew forgotten friendships. Have a little drink and dance with a little kick. Do what your heart really desires! It’s time to make myself believe that I can do good in what I really want (work and personal wants). Kung saan ka maligaya, gorabelles na.


Life Is Short!

life is short

Pagfirst, cg lang shag absent like once a week.
Gimove namo among weekly meeting from Friday to Thursday kay tungod dili sha available.
Because of that kay often na nako sha makita. Magdiscuss about work.

Lately, nag-absent sha for weeks, then nahimong months.
Still, ginainvite nako sha sa among weekly meetings.

Those months continue mga 3 months or more.
We talked about him nga naa diay shay sakit. For me, I thought it was just a normal sakit. They say it was cancer, I thought yeah, he still got a life ahead of him right? Cancer can’t be that bad and can still give you time to prepare for the eventual death… I was wrong.

It only took half a year before the dreaded news. HE died.

This is the second time that I have lost somebody which I constantly communicate with. The first was Eva (hs friend).

During the time, I was shocked and couldn’t utter any word. It made me realize that death sometimes comes like a thief in the night. You’ll never know when it will come.

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