Kung Kwarta Kwarta Lang.

LATE POST kay wala koe strength to press the Publish button sauna.

If kwarta kwarta lang ang hisgotan, dugay ra guro ko nihawa aning Companyaha oi. Dili ni pangdaut. This is a fact! I have friends nga naga gross ug twice sa akong current income pero i chose to stay sa akong current company because I am still happy. I am happy nga I think I am appreciated by my coworkers, I have friends to talk and hang out with, happy with my managers etc. etc. For me this is better than earning thousands of money.

Then came the Japan opportunities. Happy ko even though I know nga this will have a big impact sa akong career path kay I know my technical skills will suffer. Pero go lang japon kay Japan ra ba! Isa ni sa perks in working in a Japanese owned Company. Ug tood man nag two years ko diri, enough to prove nga kaya nako bsag aha ko ibutang kay I believe there is something to learn sa bisag aha nga project ka mabelong.

Nya sa dihang wala mi napromote. Ug ang imong mga kabatch napromote. Then the sadness crept in.

Honestly, niguho akong world tong nakabalo ko. What did I do wrong? Wala ba ko nakadeliver sa akong work diri? Di ba ni makapromote ning projecka? I am not the person nga nagacomplain about work specially to the management but this is too much nga magsilent ra ko. Is it about bogo na kaayo ko? After 5 years mao na ni ang nahitabo sa akong kinabuhi? Is it because of the system? I don’t know. Matod pa ni Avril: “All my life I’ve been good, but now, Im thinking what the hell?” haha

And it’s not nga mamugos ko nga ipromote ko kay dili na na ang goal nako karon. Di nako ganahan. I feel so stupid lang. Dili nako motivated mo work. I need to find my value.

This also marks the start of me being more critical with a touch of rebellion in the way I think towards my once beloved Company. Ana lang, giwake nila akong natutulog nga rebel side. You know when i patronize something, i go to the limits… the same way nga supporter ko all the way ni PGMA. But do something to prove me wrong about my devotion and God knows I can give no shit. Yeah, mura lag “Miley, What’s good?” #goAbellanianSpirit

miley whats good


5 thoughts on “Kung Kwarta Kwarta Lang.

  1. Same ta og thoughts (sauna lang ako 😛 ) pero sige lang, if they cannot appreciate you now.. maybe you need someone better to appreciate all your efforts. Business is business lang gihapon tanan. You need to find a way to benefit from your situation or find another one who can appreciate you. 😉 😉

  2. Ka relate jud kos first paragraph. Maka tintal ang dagko na offers sa other companies, pero kay nag enjoy pa ko sa ako current job, dili sa ko mag take ug risks sa other opportunities.

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