The Moment I decided not to be an Achiever anymore.

Sauna wala ra jud na nako nga dapat always on top. Ang akong motto lang is to do what I’m supposed to do. So nagastudy lang jud ko <== that is all i can do as a student. I don’t consider myself gifted and highly intelligent. I think people can see me nga bright is because (first) I always come prepared and (second) I always pray to God for guidance. And after all these years I can say nga dali ra ko makat-on and that is my strong point.

More to life?
I believe that there is more to life than all those achievements and feeling of supremacy towards others. Para nako mas nindot man diay nga makighimamat ka sa mga tao and together do things happily without any pressure. Being on top only leaves you to one direction – that is to go down. Putting yourself on top only tires you and you just might lose yourself in the blur of the stars (like what jessie says). And in the end you find yourself alone or in the presence of opportunistic people.

After college, I realized that there is no need to force myself’s worth to someone else’s throat. The days of the medals, certificates and applauses are over. I am done making my parents proud and letting them be on stages where all eyes on us and applause are loud. This is the time where I build and rebuild relationships. Look back and renew forgotten friendships. Have a little drink and dance with a little kick. Do what your heart really desires! It’s time to make myself believe that I can do good in what I really want (work and personal wants). Kung saan ka maligaya, gorabelles na.


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