Same Sex Marriage (Church)

I don’t support same sex marriage.

First, I believe that love doesn’t need labels. I support people who live by the moment and treasure what is there and needs not complicate things by calling themselves ‘in-a-relationship” or even “married”. May mga bagay na mashadong komplikado e-descibe.

Next, not all marriages ends in fairy tale endings. Marriage is not an epitome of love. Daghan na gani karon duwaduwaan nalang ang kaminyoon. Pakasal kay ganahan. Away then buwag. Pul-an, ngita ug lain. Collect ng collect. So tell me folks, I love my rainbow community but is this the path you want to travel?

Next, do you really want to conduct a ceremony inside a church when the bible specifically is against it? The bible is the core of the Christian church, act wise.

Next na pud, daghan kaayo ko ug friends murag uhaw sa pag-ibig. I say, hwag magmadali. It will come in the perfect moment. Dont put marriage as your relationship’s goal. I-goal ninyo nga magdugay mo ug dili mahuman na inyong “forever”.

P.S. Civil Partner would be perfect. The term “Marriage” makes the whole idea wrong imho. And I believe the Philippines still has a very long way before ma-approve ni. #goodLuckPinas