My father was palahubog katong time nga nagbitay pa ko sa iyang itlog wala pa ko nataw. Ana si mama, iya daw na permi kuhaon si father kay permi lang daw maghuboghubog and sugal sugal pud daw. Smoke, etc. Laking lansangan si father. Luckily, that was before.

Mausab man jud ang tao, and isa sa reason maong nausab sha is God. Naconvert then mao to nahimong preacher. Nahimo pa jud deacon sa among Church. And so everything we do in the family is biblical na. We had our evening family gatherings: singing and studying the bible. The literal bible study (not the green one).

So, my father always tell us nga not to drink. Bisyo daw na. Walay maayong mahatag sa imong lawas. Well, he learned that from experience. Ana sha nga ayaw inom anang beer kay mura man nag ihi. But ika nga, pag pinagbabawal, dapat ittry. So i tried it. And wala sila kabalo that ang ilang pinakamamahal na anak na lalaki has his little share of drinking moments.

Pero di ko PALAHUBOG ha! As in, dili jud. I have some bottles of alcoholic beverages in my fridge but that doesn’t mean anything. #anotherBoringDayPost


By the way, I realized that my eyesight is troubling me again. After katong murag gihilantan ko, my eyes seems to feel tired. I don’t know why. Mawala sha if magglasses ko pero akong glasses puts too much pressure sa bridge sa akong nose, thus causing headache. Should probably upgrade my glasses na. Ahak!



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