Im Sorry Im a Pirate.

I was disappointed with myself last night pero i regret nothing. I am supposed to be studying Nihongo (2 weeks nalang before exam) pero I was so caught up with watching the full show of Miss Universe 1993 – Dayana Torres won. Shakira kaayo ang night kay throughout the competion kay like naa sa 3 place below permi sha pero ni-endup nga shay nakadaug. love her though.


And then me being a pirate. I planned naman unta nga mopalit sa album  ni Adele sa itunes pero what have i done. Im sorry Ate Adele. I’m Sorry kay i really tried nga dili magdownload ug leaked album ni Ate pero Im weak and i just did. So I put myself to sleep while listening to the whole album.

adele 25

And here sa office, i was listening to it while nagtanga nga gatan-aw sa blank wall sa akong desk. Nakakaloka.. Ngano man ning music ni Adele oi.. Why you making me like this??


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