Linonok ko ang Lahat || Cafe Latte

I really thought nakarecover na ko sa akong pagka lactose intolerant. I was wrong (again).
In a coffee shop, i ordered Cafe Latte. The moment gipour ni Ate ang milky substance sa cup, I was like, “God Bless my soul. Am i ready for this?”. Wala man gud ko kabalo nga creamy and so milky man diay kaayo nang Cafe Late oe. Wala ko nainformed kay dili man pud ko hingapi. Nag-Grande pa si Oks! lol At linonok ko ang lahat, bawat patak. Sayang pud if dili hutdon.

Long story short, paggabii i was in the toilet feeling the waterfalls down my rear end. And I think the caffein sinked-in very well too, since I was awake till 2:30 am.

And I made a decision never to engulf milky substances in huge volumes ever again . Pak!



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