Gomborza Mode.


I just feel nga martyr ko usahay (or maybe most of the time). Like martyr /jud kaayo. Kana gud ako lang permi ang mogive way. Ako lang ang permi ang nagpaparaya. Ako lang permi ang faithful member. Some say wala koe sense of leadership and im not decisive enough.

And maybe Yes, totoo. But I am happy being a faithful member of the group and i am proud of that. Dili jud ako ang leader-type.. Dili ko maayo molead or create ug mga events like Vanessa Richie Alia. Dili ko maayo mo look through things thoroughly and hawd moestimate like Rahima Hamis. Dili ko people magnet like Philip Batingana and Citadel Donna. Dili ko as wisdom-full like Lorraine Raissa. Dili ko sing confident and vocal ni Kim Honoridez…. BUT im OK with that.  I can live with what i have. All I can promise is that I’ll be a good friend. A faithful member. A person who’d always be there… just say the words.

And a person told me recently nga mura jud daw kog member sa Gomborza. Martyr daw much.Well, Just wait dear, i am working with my more-decisive self. The Joshua 4.0. (And uu maong 4.0 na kay daghan na kog mga past releases sa akong self)


PS. Snowboard mi ugma. All i pray is that maynta walay mainjured, walay disgrasya etc. sa among byahe. #goodluckNamo




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