SnowBoard Pictures.

Ayaw ka deceived sa title kay sa tinuorai lang wala jud koe daghan na picture nga nakuha sa akong kaugalingon while nagride ko sa snowy slopes. Maybe its true jud nga when you’re so into the moment, your mind will unknowingly choose to cherish the moment rather than take pictures or video. lol. I was too busy balancing myself sa board..  And my toes, too busy to perfect the tiptoe eklabush. Soon maka S ra jud ko PERFECTLY. And also,  i don’t have the  hands and finger to grab my camera or phone. Naay time nga i can’t feel the tip sa akong fingers! Ana katugnaw sha teh.

It was fun. I had fun. And i will never forget that experience. Thank you Fibs for organizing this event.

P.S. Actually, dili ni ang first time nga niapil ko ug snowboard event. Paglast kay nitan-aw ra ko ug snow kay during that time heavily recovering pa akong left hand from injury. And ana man sila nga dili magsnow sa Yokohama and Tokyo and I badly wanted to see Snow that time. Pero it was a lie man diay, pagbalik namo gikan sa trip kay nagsnow nang bongga sa Yokohama. Nagstop ang train. Nagkasnowman tanang palibot sa Moare.

c/o Ceff

c/o Ceff. I was ready to freefall to the unknown. 



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