So nagligaliw na pud ko. Scanning my playlists sa akong ever supportive ipodtouch. And nakita nako akong mga gipangpurchase sa itunes store. I admit pirate ko, pero naa man pud mga times nga nagapalit jud ko ug songs jud para hinaot makasamot padato sa mga artist mahatag sa artist and what it due sa ilang art nga ginahimo.

And then while scrolling, narealize nako nga ang akong first purchase sa itunes store is 2 songs from same artist. Yeah si NINA! fan man jud guro ko aning bayhana ha kay i think i mentioned pud nga the first album nga akong gipalit (kanang hard cd jud) kay katong LIVE! nga album ni niya. Though pirated noon to akong napalit pero Type A pirated pud to. So yeah, fan jud ko nya. The two songs are: Jealous and Someday.



Madame BEERtud

Di ko maayo motambag pero i will try my best to listen and answer in the best way possible. I don’t have the best experiences para makaingon ko nga what i say is the best way. I only base my answer sa mga hypotheses, sa mga story ug experience sa akong friends, or worse sa TV series ug movies. But i sure believe that somehow i make sense. Sometimes, ipaagi nako ug joke but I know deep inside nga naa koi sense and i hope momakesense pud sa imoha.

First, kanang mag-ask ka ug advise, deep down you know naman jud cguro if unsa imong ganahan buhaton. You just need confirmation. You just want to express and ganahan ka naai maminaw nimo. I can do that. I can cry with you because i care for you. Sometimes magsilent nalng ko because i know you don’t need answers. You just want someone to listen sa imong mga heartaches. I may not be a love guru or any guru of something, but rest be assured that I’m a good friend.



P.S. I have a feeling ba nga if magdugay pa gani jud ko sa Japan no kay murag ma-Alcoholic ko and weirder. Weirder in a sense, one time nipalit na pud ko sa convenient store with full bold eye make-up in the middle of the night. Other time kay nag full blown 1970’s beehive hairdo ko, same japon while nipalit na pud ko sa convenient store. Feel nako nahadlok na ang girl nako sa 7-eleven. BEERTUD jud. Mao dapat mouli na jud ko soon!


Duterte for the Win. I will kampanya Duterter full force because of some unexpected turn of events. But I will not throw mud on the other presidentiables specially to the highly-intellectual Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

If Duterter will not win, then sure-ball it would be Poe or Mar. I will not deny the fact that those two did great during the debates. Specially Poe, but she seems exhausted. The concealer can’t hide those eye darkcircles anymore. Mar’s makeup artists are doing great except that he turns out to be the Pabebe Warrior with no kilay. And i thought the kilay only, but it turns out even the way he answer those sensitive questions are so Miss Minchin-y.

Binay will not win. Pinas had enough of this TRAPO. Too many flowery promises. I can see right through him that he is not what he is trying to portray. I can see his evil soul as dark as his HAIR.

Miriam, with all due respect. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to serve the Senate. Senate without you would be bullshit.

Bottomline is, mas makarelate ko ni Duterte. Deep within i know nga dili pud ko maayo mostorya and i crack jokes that either you like it or hate it… Makarelate ko nga the way he portray himself is parang ordinary tao lang. Mar is so overdoing it. We know Mar is very rich. He doesn’t know what ordinary people do and feel first hand, second hand or even tenth hand!. He is an Araneta! A Roxas. He can have all the money to do whatever he likes….

I am ready for change (sa katauhan ni Duterte) but whatever the outcome will be, i will still be very open to support whoever should come out victorious.


#Du30 Para SA Pagbabago.


P.S. If dili pa puno inyong senator list, please add Alma Moreno. Ayaw nako iquestion ngano. Dasal lang talaga.

There is Something Wrong.

I remember my friend told me nganong nagresign sha sa iyang past company. She said and I quote:

“If makita nimo nga ang mga Seniors kay naghinay hinay ug resign, then you should realize nga there is something wrong.”

which sauna wala ra nako gi-mind kay since i was just a yuppy that time. Just eager to work, make new friends, and earn money. And now since my company obviously lacks seniors and supervisors for the same reason nga nangresign ang mga seniors one after another. Is it safe to say nga there is obviously something wrong? It’s painful to know that people i once knew who are very good at work and were given good opportunities to hone their skills are surprisingly the ones who are very eager to resign. Is this just common human greed for higher salary or is there something  deeper than that?

Kung like 70% of the employees are very young to compensate the loss of Senior resignees, And everyday you hear rumors that a certain senior is currently planning to resign na, or worse you just find out that a certain person had already resigned without a trace, are you supposed to be worried? Are the Seniors napressure lang kay tungod tanan nilang kalevel or higherups kay one by one nangresign? Is it a good thing nga mangresign ang mga Seniors para mapaspas ang promotion sa mga newbies? Or if a person nga gahuwat lang mahuman iyang bond then resign dayon, is that normal? Is a bond needed para ikeep ang employees? If so, how can someone be happy of the devotion of an unwilling flock? How does a company keep their employees?! Wala koy company, i don’t know.

So it seems that there are so many questions and i don’t even know if i want to know the answers.  I’ll leave this entry hanging, basin naai part 2.


Natalie Cole

Prince died lang and everybody seems mourning their hearts out. Honestly, wala koe nabaw-an nga kanta ni Prince. Or maybe naa pero wala ko kabalo nga iya diay nang song. But im familiar with him kay tungod sa mga sing/look alike kay permi naai contestant nga mo mimic sa iyaha. PERO i don’t get it nga wala kaayoy churva sa pagkamatay pud sa isa sa pinakaganahan nako nga singer nga si Natalie Cole. I just knew nga she died diay last Dec 2015. 😦 Na-sad na noon ko kay wala jud ko naka give sa akong condolences.

Si Natalie ang isa sa mga singers nga favorite jud nako nga ginakanta jud nako iyang mga songs bahala nag magkamatay akong vocal chords. So sad, nagkahinay na jud kamatay tanan nakong mga favorites singers. It must be so musically lovely in heaven now. Dianna Ross/Dionne Warwick ayaw sa tawn kamatay mo kay i can’t take it jud tawn. T_T

kani jud nga kanta kay wala pa ko kasuccessfully kanta.. i try nya nako soon balik:



I was never a fan of this bread.  I find it so oily, thin nga nagadugmok, mahangin sa loob and tasteless.

Pero, natrigger na pud akong pagka otaku. So lately nagatan-aw ko ug Yakitate Japan. It’s an anime about making breads and other related stuffs. And there was a challenge sa anime nga mabuhat sila ug croissant.. naintriga na pud akong beauty maong the following day, nirush ko sa Pompadour para mopalit. Am i crazy?! kay i find it tasty na and lami, though i feel nga oily japon sha and my big bite shutters the bread into pieces gihapon. #saanAkoLulugar. The next episode kay ang topic kay Melon Bread so yes, you guess right nipalit pud dayon ko pero ganahan man jud ko ug melon bread jud, even though wla jud koe na feel nga melon flavor sa iyaha. And then last episode nga akong nakita kay nagbuhat sila ug Yakisoba-Pan! And so, unya after publishing this entry, i am planning to look around the area for such bread kay wala ko kita ana sa Pompadour and i feel nga low quality nang naa sa mga combini. Cg kog kita ana nga Pan pero wala jud ko naingganyo mopalit. So this is the time to try it while i still have this BIG URGE to endulge that non-appetizing japanese bread.

$#!+Xx! Maybe i should stop watching this anime, makaguba ug diet.



Update: Wala jud ko kita ug Yakisoba-pan. Dili ata sha in-season. Asta sa combini wala man.

Memory Verse.

Isa sa mga perks of being in a religious family and growing up inside Sunday School is mafamiliarize ka sa mga very notable memory verses in the bible. Also, kabalo ka sa tanang Stories in the Bible, etc. I remember sauna sa Sunday School naa pa toy event where we have to memorize twenty man guro to ka memory verse para makakuha atong bracelet. So sa putli nako nga pangutok, nagmemorize pud tawn ko though wala jud ko kabalo sa meaning ato nga mga words. But now, kalimot na ko ug unsa to nga memory verse akong gimemorize, ug katong bracelet kay dugay ra pud nga nawala.

So let me share my top 5 Memory Verses from the Bible:

5. Psalms 23: 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Though memorize nako ang whole chapter, this is my favorite verse. It assures myself that even though naa ko sa pinakaworst nga situation, i know He is still there.

4. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Need i say more? This is like my to-tell-myself every competition i’ve been through sa akong student life. I believe that He is the same yesterday, today and forever, so this should still holds true. (grrr is that another memory verse, guess yes)

3. Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Because there are times nga we do things to impress everyone around us, pero that is impossible because we can’t please everybody. Do things for God.

2. Psalm 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. I like this verse not because i can relate to it but because ang hirap nya iachieve! I always say to myself that I will keep and heed his word so that dili ko maadto sa temptation but it is so hard. I always do the lead-me-not-into-tempation-i-can-find-it-myself person.

1. Galatians 5:22-23 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. I cant put into words why i love this verse. Maybe i was just  raised nga dapat i-achieve ni nga mga characteristics which is again, hard. But Whenever i saw religious people being the usual batig-batasan-nga-di-makaon-ug-iro religious people, ganahan ko nga ipakita ni nila gud. Kanang isagpa sa ilang nawng and ingnon nga “hala Sir/Maam ahang fruit of the holy spirit ana imong ginabuhat!?”Pak?!!