I was never a fan of this bread.  I find it so oily, thin nga nagadugmok, mahangin sa loob and tasteless.

Pero, natrigger na pud akong pagka otaku. So lately nagatan-aw ko ug Yakitate Japan. It’s an anime about making breads and other related stuffs. And there was a challenge sa anime nga mabuhat sila ug croissant.. naintriga na pud akong beauty maong the following day, nirush ko sa Pompadour para mopalit. Am i crazy?! kay i find it tasty na and lami, though i feel nga oily japon sha and my big bite shutters the bread into pieces gihapon. #saanAkoLulugar. The next episode kay ang topic kay Melon Bread so yes, you guess right nipalit pud dayon ko pero ganahan man jud ko ug melon bread jud, even though wla jud koe na feel nga melon flavor sa iyaha. And then last episode nga akong nakita kay nagbuhat sila ug Yakisoba-Pan! And so, unya after publishing this entry, i am planning to look around the area for such bread kay wala ko kita ana sa Pompadour and i feel nga low quality nang naa sa mga combini. Cg kog kita ana nga Pan pero wala jud ko naingganyo mopalit. So this is the time to try it while i still have this BIG URGE to endulge that non-appetizing japanese bread.

$#!+Xx! Maybe i should stop watching this anime, makaguba ug diet.



Update: Wala jud ko kita ug Yakisoba-pan. Dili ata sha in-season. Asta sa combini wala man.


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