Duterte for the Win. I will kampanya Duterter full force because of some unexpected turn of events. But I will not throw mud on the other presidentiables specially to the highly-intellectual Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

If Duterter will not win, then sure-ball it would be Poe or Mar. I will not deny the fact that those two did great during the debates. Specially Poe, but she seems exhausted. The concealer can’t hide those eye darkcircles anymore. Mar’s makeup artists are doing great except that he turns out to be the Pabebe Warrior with no kilay. And i thought the kilay only, but it turns out even the way he answer those sensitive questions are so Miss Minchin-y.

Binay will not win. Pinas had enough of this TRAPO. Too many flowery promises. I can see right through him that he is not what he is trying to portray. I can see his evil soul as dark as his HAIR.

Miriam, with all due respect. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to serve the Senate. Senate without you would be bullshit.

Bottomline is, mas makarelate ko ni Duterte. Deep within i know nga dili pud ko maayo mostorya and i crack jokes that either you like it or hate it… Makarelate ko nga the way he portray himself is parang ordinary tao lang. Mar is so overdoing it. We know Mar is very rich. He doesn’t know what ordinary people do and feel first hand, second hand or even tenth hand!. He is an Araneta! A Roxas. He can have all the money to do whatever he likes….

I am ready for change (sa katauhan ni Duterte) but whatever the outcome will be, i will still be very open to support whoever should come out victorious.


#Du30 Para SA Pagbabago.


P.S. If dili pa puno inyong senator list, please add Alma Moreno. Ayaw nako iquestion ngano. Dasal lang talaga.


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