There is Something Wrong.

I remember my friend told me nganong nagresign sha sa iyang past company. She said and I quote:

“If makita nimo nga ang mga Seniors kay naghinay hinay ug resign, then you should realize nga there is something wrong.”

which sauna wala ra nako gi-mind kay since i was just a yuppy that time. Just eager to work, make new friends, and earn money. And now since my company obviously lacks seniors and supervisors for the same reason nga nangresign ang mga seniors one after another. Is it safe to say nga there is obviously something wrong? It’s painful to know that people i once knew who are very good at work and were given good opportunities to hone their skills are surprisingly the ones who are very eager to resign. Is this just common human greed for higher salary or is there something  deeper than that?

Kung like 70% of the employees are very young to compensate the loss of Senior resignees, And everyday you hear rumors that a certain senior is currently planning to resign na, or worse you just find out that a certain person had already resigned without a trace, are you supposed to be worried? Are the Seniors napressure lang kay tungod tanan nilang kalevel or higherups kay one by one nangresign? Is it a good thing nga mangresign ang mga Seniors para mapaspas ang promotion sa mga newbies? Or if a person nga gahuwat lang mahuman iyang bond then resign dayon, is that normal? Is a bond needed para ikeep ang employees? If so, how can someone be happy of the devotion of an unwilling flock? How does a company keep their employees?! Wala koy company, i don’t know.

So it seems that there are so many questions and i don’t even know if i want to know the answers.  I’ll leave this entry hanging, basin naai part 2.



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