Madame BEERtud

Di ko maayo motambag pero i will try my best to listen and answer in the best way possible. I don’t have the best experiences para makaingon ko nga what i say is the best way. I only base my answer sa mga hypotheses, sa mga story ug experience sa akong friends, or worse sa TV series ug movies. But i sure believe that somehow i make sense. Sometimes, ipaagi nako ug joke but I know deep inside nga naa koi sense and i hope momakesense pud sa imoha.

First, kanang mag-ask ka ug advise, deep down you know naman jud cguro if unsa imong ganahan buhaton. You just need confirmation. You just want to express and ganahan ka naai maminaw nimo. I can do that. I can cry with you because i care for you. Sometimes magsilent nalng ko because i know you don’t need answers. You just want someone to listen sa imong mga heartaches. I may not be a love guru or any guru of something, but rest be assured that I’m a good friend.



P.S. I have a feeling ba nga if magdugay pa gani jud ko sa Japan no kay murag ma-Alcoholic ko and weirder. Weirder in a sense, one time nipalit na pud ko sa convenient store with full bold eye make-up in the middle of the night. Other time kay nag full blown 1970’s beehive hairdo ko, same japon while nipalit na pud ko sa convenient store. Feel nako nahadlok na ang girl nako sa 7-eleven. BEERTUD jud. Mao dapat mouli na jud ko soon!


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