My Sisters.

Oh yes. 5 kaming magkakapatid. Ako ang bunso. Ako lang ang lalake! Ayaw nag epal dira. So while i was browsing our family pictures, i realized nga mga gwapa man diay akong sisters oe… Liwat sa giliwatan.

Love you all.. Mag 3 ka tuig na jud mi wala nagkita ni Marie ae in person. Nakalimot na ko sa iyang dagway in real life. haha


Wala si Marie ani nga pic kay dili man sha kauli ug pasko kay peak season sa mga cruise ships.

Random Memory: Pokemon Cards.

Sa una palang fan na jud ko ug Pokemon. I just remember nga naai time nga i was so heart broken kay tungod ang akong collection of pila pud to ka box of Pokemon Cards were forced nga ipalabay sa akong Mother dear. Ipalabay didto sa sapa(river) pa jud dapit lang sa amo. The same river kung aha nako gipanglabay ang mga iro ug iring nga sila ra pud gasugo. Omg maybe i really am was a pawn of the devil and my Pokemon Cards were the collateral for all the iro ang iring souls i killed.

Ug ang reason nganong gipalabay akong mga Pokemon Cards? Kay according sa church, work of the devil daw ang Pokemon. Kay something daw nga “Wala ba mo nahibulong nganong kalit lang kaayo na sila nisikat?” blah blah blah. It means daw gipaluyohan sa demonyo. GOsh. Same man pud ni sa katong dili daw mi mamalit ug Procter and Gamble products kay ang company daw kay iya sa Satanas.

I was naive and young back then so ni follow ra jud ko. But looking back right now, makalagot oei. What were my parents thinking?! Saan ang hustisya sa aking mga pokemons! And while gilabay nako akong mga cards, mura jud nahugno akong kasingkasing susama sa mga dahon nga nangatagak sa punoan sa kahoy nga batilis.


Ps. it’s been a while pud ngg wala ko kapost ug “Random Memory” da. 😀


So easy to say the words “goodbye”, so hard to let the feelings die…  ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

I am the kind of person nga moadto ug place nga dili magresearch ahead ug unsa ang adtoan. I just read very little information and just let myself either be disappointed or be amazed the moment i get there. Disappointments are part of living. Life is cruel. Pero the Wisteria place didn’t disappoint at all. Was worth all the wait.

(c) Citadel Donna Canceran



P.s. The first line was just a snippet from a song that i LSSd recently.

Bb Pilipinas Ranking

Warning : Long post.

It took 6 consecutive top 10 PASOK moves sa Pinas para makab-ot jud ang coveted Miss Universe Crown through the face, body and boobs of Pia Wurtzbach.

I admitted already nga fan jud ko sa Miss Universe. So unsaon nalnag na akong pagconfess kung dili nako irank ang mga BB Pilipinas nga who make it the top ten for the past 6 years.

So in descending order:

6. MJ Lastimosa. There is something wrong sa iyang looks. So when I tried to research, naa jud diay something. I thought pa naman nga iyang well chiselled nose is because naa shay arab blood and a little help from contour illusions. Well anyways, nindot shag body and good communication skills. I just feel nga there is something wrong sa iyang aura.

5. Janine Tugonon. Her aura is giving me the tryign hard to prove something kind of Aura. Nice catwalk because she really needs that. Janine is the hate it or love it type of girl. And there is a drastic change when she removes all those makeup.

4. Ariela Arida. At first, di jud ko ganahan niya. Her almond eyes are very destacting for me… But it grews on me.. And the way she flaunt those straight hair sa finals won my vote. She was actually indeed amazing and a stunner. The bad thing is her command with the English language. Her accent is too thick. And watching her on stage, i can feel that she was nervous AF (dili sa walk pero kanang nakasteady ra tanang contestants).

3. Pia Wurtzbach. I just get distracted with how bouncy those boobs were. Her boobs are not pageant material but luckily for her, they worked on her favor sa the finals night. But i really think it was the smize and the that “confidently beautiful with a heart” that sealed her destiny.

2. Venus Raj. Loved the walk. Loved the body. Loved the black barbie aura. She catapulted the name of Philippines in the MU stage. She is the Mother Queen. She was like I will lead the pack of binibinis until we get that coveted crown. She was just so excited during the time when she penetrated the top5, and i think she got lost in the moment maong she gave a very unqueenly answer ending her in the bottom of the top 5. Too bad.

1. Shamcey Supsup. I am a little bias because we all know that body-wise, Shamcey is not anywhere in the lead. But she is my top pick because not only is she vavavooming the tsunami walk, she is also highly intelligent. She is the epitome of beauty and brains. And brains is more sexy that any boobs or love curves could offer. And pretty humble too. She never flaunted that she is an Architecture bar exam top notcher! boys and girls she was #1 sa board exam! During the final nights, her answer was pretty good but she looked so fierce and angry, I guess that is why she ended up 2nd ru.

The Annoying Pinoy Language.

One odd characteric of Filipinos that most foreigners probably get confused or maybe get annoyed about is the Filipinos’ ability to constantly switch their use of language between English and Filipino in mid-sentence. It’s like hindi naman daw nila yang ginagawa on purpose but it just happen so naturally at bigla lang talaga. Meron nga kaming National Language which is interestingly called “Filipino” din pero if you go wandering around sa mga Major Cities sa bansa, you would probably see 90% of all public signage and advertisements na nakasulat sa wikang Ingles. #mgaDayuhanSaSarilingBayan

Morever, if you go further down south of the Country, not only is English and Filipino (Old name is Tagalog) mixed in spoken/written conversations, but the local dialect is added as well. E.g. Cebuano, Filipino and English. This makes The Filipino language very complicated that no Translation Engine could fathom nor translate accurately.

Funny thing is that Filipinos speak fluent english with almost-perfect accent that most of the English-talking foreigners would feel comfortable talking with them not until they talk with each other with the same accent and then filling the in-betweens with Filipino sentences. Another Funny thing is that in Cebu, people who mixed too many english in the way they talk are called “Conyos”. It’s a love-it or hate-it way of talking.  In Davao, speaking in English, Filipino and Cebuano mixed all together is considered a norm and is acceptable. But speak like that (to a random person/not acquainted) in Cebu and 90% chance that you will leave a very bad impression na parang ang “Feeler” mo.




Morning Disaster.

The Last time nga na accident ko while gasakay ug bicycle was back in my Elementary years, murag grade 4, 5 or 6. Kay basta it was a time nga pagtulimbang sa bicycle kay natukod nako akong kamot so one week ata to nga dili nako mastraight akong arms. I thought nga forever na jud to nga di mapiko akong arms. Good thing naayo ra. It was also one of the reason why niundang ko ug bike and the next time i did kay naa na ko sa Japan (10 years after? :D)

This time, sala jud to sa mga plywood ug sa lolo nga wala man lang nagwara wara para makaprepare ta ko nga magslow down. Shit. Okay sala nako kay wala ko nagdecelerate kay ganahan ko sayo maabot sa office kay para sayo ko kauli kay it’s Wednesday. People go home early on Wednesday!

Shakoy sa tanang Kashakoyan. The plywood nga abi nakog nipis ra is baga ra much. duha pa jud nga plywood. wala pa jud gisikit. So duha nga immediate bump nga wala nakaya sa akong petite bicycle and there I go crashing sa fence beside the road. Resulting to a bruised face, chin and elbow. Wala ra ko napiang kay sure ko wlaa ko nalamba, nihalok ra ko sa wall. I even forget the song playing while i crashed to the unknown. And paglingi nako naa si Shema sa akong likod. I have witness. hahaha

And so here i am with a face mask trying to fool the world nga i got cold, when the truth is I got bruised. Lol.

Sometimes injuries and accidents are permitted in our life para naa tay mablog. Hahaizt!



Hahaha d ra pud ang ani akong transformation. 

Perfect English.

Hoi Koga-san, ayaw cgg sorry sorry dira oe nga dili ka perfect ug english. Permi nalng jud na ha. I can feel you. My english ain’t perfect too. Mauwaw man pud ta ani niya. But i appreciate the effort ha nga mag-english jud sha sa ako though magkatulimbang tulimbang jud nang bongga.

And by the way, you should listen to me cguro while i try to speak in Nihongo para makafeel ka nga same ra ta ug level. Level sa confidence ug uban pang matang sa levelling.

Pakpak para sa confidence! #charmeePose

Pakpak para sa confidence! #charmeePose