The Annoying Pinoy Language.

One odd characteric of Filipinos that most foreigners probably get confused or maybe get annoyed about is the Filipinos’ ability to constantly switch their use of language between English and Filipino in mid-sentence. It’s like hindi naman daw nila yang ginagawa on purpose but it just happen so naturally at bigla lang talaga. Meron nga kaming National Language which is interestingly called “Filipino” din pero if you go wandering around sa mga Major Cities sa bansa, you would probably see 90% of all public signage and advertisements na nakasulat sa wikang Ingles. #mgaDayuhanSaSarilingBayan

Morever, if you go further down south of the Country, not only is English and Filipino (Old name is Tagalog) mixed in spoken/written conversations, but the local dialect is added as well. E.g. Cebuano, Filipino and English. This makes The Filipino language very complicated that no Translation Engine could fathom nor translate accurately.

Funny thing is that Filipinos speak fluent english with almost-perfect accent that most of the English-talking foreigners would feel comfortable talking with them not until they talk with each other with the same accent and then filling the in-betweens with Filipino sentences. Another Funny thing is that in Cebu, people who mixed too many english in the way they talk are called “Conyos”. It’s a love-it or hate-it way of talking.  In Davao, speaking in English, Filipino and Cebuano mixed all together is considered a norm and is acceptable. But speak like that (to a random person/not acquainted) in Cebu and 90% chance that you will leave a very bad impression na parang ang “Feeler” mo.





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