Bb Pilipinas Ranking

Warning : Long post.

It took 6 consecutive top 10 PASOK moves sa Pinas para makab-ot jud ang coveted Miss Universe Crown through the face, body and boobs of Pia Wurtzbach.

I admitted already nga fan jud ko sa Miss Universe. So unsaon nalnag na akong pagconfess kung dili nako irank ang mga BB Pilipinas nga who make it the top ten for the past 6 years.

So in descending order:

6. MJ Lastimosa. There is something wrong sa iyang looks. So when I tried to research, naa jud diay something. I thought pa naman nga iyang well chiselled nose is because naa shay arab blood and a little help from contour illusions. Well anyways, nindot shag body and good communication skills. I just feel nga there is something wrong sa iyang aura.

5. Janine Tugonon. Her aura is giving me the tryign hard to prove something kind of Aura. Nice catwalk because she really needs that. Janine is the hate it or love it type of girl. And there is a drastic change when she removes all those makeup.

4. Ariela Arida. At first, di jud ko ganahan niya. Her almond eyes are very destacting for me… But it grews on me.. And the way she flaunt those straight hair sa finals won my vote. She was actually indeed amazing and a stunner. The bad thing is her command with the English language. Her accent is too thick. And watching her on stage, i can feel that she was nervous AF (dili sa walk pero kanang nakasteady ra tanang contestants).

3. Pia Wurtzbach. I just get distracted with how bouncy those boobs were. Her boobs are not pageant material but luckily for her, they worked on her favor sa the finals night. But i really think it was the smize and the that “confidently beautiful with a heart” that sealed her destiny.

2. Venus Raj. Loved the walk. Loved the body. Loved the black barbie aura. She catapulted the name of Philippines in the MU stage. She is the Mother Queen. She was like I will lead the pack of binibinis until we get that coveted crown. She was just so excited during the time when she penetrated the top5, and i think she got lost in the moment maong she gave a very unqueenly answer ending her in the bottom of the top 5. Too bad.

1. Shamcey Supsup. I am a little bias because we all know that body-wise, Shamcey is not anywhere in the lead. But she is my top pick because not only is she vavavooming the tsunami walk, she is also highly intelligent. She is the epitome of beauty and brains. And brains is more sexy that any boobs or love curves could offer. And pretty humble too. She never flaunted that she is an Architecture bar exam top notcher! boys and girls she was #1 sa board exam! During the final nights, her answer was pretty good but she looked so fierce and angry, I guess that is why she ended up 2nd ru.