Thy Food!

Dili ko germaphobe but it irks me everytime i see people touching my food. Di ra maglain akong kabuhi if kaykayon pa na nimo imong pagkaon basta ikaw ra pud mokaon pero if imo gani nang ugayugayon nya ihatag nimo sa ako mura lang kog kabuhion slight. Ugaya lang tanang pagkaon ayaw lang ko pakit-a. haha

That is the reason mas ganahan ko ug kaiten sushi compared anang ang sushi chef naa jud sa imong atubangan. Grr. Dili nako matake nga ginahikap ang food kadaghan then directly ibutang sa akong plate and expect me to eat that. That is the moment nga i eat coz of pressure and respect to the chef, and not because of my hungry palate.

Mao tong sa balay ni Sensei kay slight pud nga uncomfortable ko kay like all the food kay hand made. The sushi, the sushi roll, the gyoza(well okay ra ning gyoza since giluto man sha). Juskolord!


When to Forgive?

I have high regards to couples who continue to be in a relationship eventhough they’ve been in a situation where one of them cheated. And kanang “cheated” is a very vague term. I believe nga ang epitome of cheating is having sex with another person. Is it really okay to forgive such heinous act? I have high regards to them because, I cant!

If flirt flirt lang, that is okay. If it comes to a point where a kiss  is involved, okay pa rin. Pero caught in the act of having sex or something nga giconfess jud nimo sa imong partner, that is just totally another level. And my mentor once told me that once a cheater will always be a cheater. I don’t know sa akong stand on that though.

My point is unsa may makaassure sa imo nga dili na na niya buhaton balik? By promise? Diba promises are made to be broken? I bet the other one would be more cautious and jealous everytime makita niya makigstorya ang isa sa laing tao? And i bet the cheater-one will be more hesitant to tell the partner about all her/his friendship encounters. Cheating creates a gap.

Moreover, the act-of-cheating will always be brought up everytime mag-away mo. If naai dako nga away, the cheating will always be there as a silent backup rebuttal topic. IT will never die. It’s the ultimate weapon and it will always be the easiest sword to break up a long-term relationship.

When you feel that you have all the love in the world, but you just keep doing things to mess it up. Maybe sometimes love just ain’t enough. haha

Mao na mga miga ug migo if naa na gani kay the one, stop flirting. Stop testing the waters. Be faithful. Learn to tighten those belts even tighter. Ayaw himoang lubricant ang alcohol para maus-us na imong shorts. haha

My friend nga panganlan lang natong Carla Danica Marie had this kind of experience. Iyang boyfriend had sex with her friend. Nadungisan ang trust. Gitry ug tanggap lahat. There’s too much to lose. Too much investments. Is it worth it nga bulagon jud? They tried. But then eventually broke up. And that was like a 3 year relationship.

Before, i thought nga if dugay na kaayo mo, you should work it out. Sayang ang panahon. But now, i realize nga it’s okay to break it up. Why lengthen a wavering relationship full of doubts and hesitation, hoping nga everything will be forgotten and forgiven.. But the mind doesn’t work that way. The mind always remember.



Di man jud nimo makuha ang tanan nimong gusto. Don’t sweat it. It will all make sense in the end. So better relax nalang, free your mind and do it again next time. Don’t give up but don’t over do it as well. I learned this back in college that a well rested field gives a beautiful crop. 😀

Like for example, sa akong love letter ni Ichihara-sensei napuno na pud shag sayop. lol. Wala na ata akong mukhang ipapakita ni sensei. My letter was like weeks delayed and then i  submitted a very mediocre letter that talks about the last English camp i attended. Hay naku, i still cannot see my self as a very proficient person with this language. Maybe when God gave linguistic talents, naa ra ko sa akong kwarto natulog.


The Conversations.

Dili man ko babaon, magdependi ra sa akong mga kauban.

If magpapildi gani ko sa discussion, it means i like you.

If over-my-dead body gani akong pagstorya para makadaug lang sa atong discussion, it means we are close.

If dili gani ko maminaw nya mag yes, uu, nod ra ko, it means i feel comfortable with you.

If magpagawas ko ug kasakit about sa isa ka tao (libak), it means our friendship is naa sa another level.

If magshare gani ko ug darkest secrets, it means bff ta.

If basta maabot gani sa kwarta nya mangutang ka and i say ifavor nalang tanan ayaw lang kwarta, it means we are just acquainted. lol

If manginvite gani ko ug event, it means you are special.

If i super-flirt gani with you, it means we are not friends. haha

If deep voice mode gani ko when i speak to you, it means I’m afraid and hesitant while gastorya ta.

If high pitch gani kaayo akong voicie and alingogngog, it means we are very close friends and if naa-kay-plano-nga-itabi-ko-sa-akong-family-kay-patyon-tika level of friendship

P.S.  Peace Friendships 😀 ❤graduation2!


Ibang Level!

While nag soul-searching ko sa Akihabara (the land of gadgets), naabot ko sa isa ka place of headphones/earphones.

I am really not a fan of headphones kay alang i don’t like the pressure. Yes i don’t like the the pressure nga kailangan ko mag-asawa para macontinue ang Verano sa among family  nga it gives sa akong ulo kay it gives me headache. That’s why i settled for earphones.

But trying them is okay lang naman. So here’s this one nga pagbutang nako sa akong ears kay murag nauplift akong soul. The sound was so crisp, the bass was amazing, the level of ethereality is superb. Depending pud guro sa music. The music was unknown para nako though. Naintriga na noon ko nga mopalit. BUT then pagtan-aw na ko sa price, tumatagingting na 200,000Yen! Lol that’s around 90Thousand pesos. Hala oie pagpuyo, maprenda ni?! Ibang level!

And so i immediately walked away and I remember a friend nga once twitted : “there should be a place in hell for people who want expensive things(crap), right?”  lol. For me if makaafford ka then follow your heart. I can’t afford it so i settle with what i can lang. Short story.



May mga bagaybagay.

The need nga magpost ka ug daghan sa imong wall para ang isa ka picture nga brings out awkward memories kay mabury deep down sa limot.

Nganong dili naman lang idelete or iuntag imong self? Dahil..

Sadyang may mga bagaybagay na di ka ganahan i remember but di pud ka ganahan kalimtan. Mga situation nga di ka ganahan ma-under pero pila ka days kay naa na pud ka didto by your own decision. May mga butang nga di na ka ganahan buhaton pero ginabalik balik nimo. Mga sala nga ginakumpisal nimo every week pero every week pud nimo ginausab usab. atbp.

The Art of Pagiging Tanga. bow. Yours truly.




LEt’s get this straight. I never was a bookworm and never will. And i conquered na the pressure of people always thinking nga I am. Why? Ngano if ever murag school achiever ka then people will think nga tigbasa ka ug Libro or  fan ka ug Harry Potter Book series. I’m not that. Sorry.

But yeah, at one point i tried to blend in. Kay tanan nakong friends pagHS kay fan man ug HP and sikat nang magdala dala ka ug mga books and basa basa sa corner sa school. wtf! so i tried to put tawn  Pero never read a whole book jud just for leisure. I just settled watching movies. Imagine days of reading a book in just 2 hr lingkod while watching a movie. Convenient deshou!

The firsts book i read from cover to cover was “Charlottes Web” for my first Book Reading Report pag Elementary. Gihulman pa to namo sa among School Library. The second book, I don’t even remember. Basta naa pud toy summer nga naguba among tv so wa choice kundi mobasa ug book and didto nako gibasa ang The Sphere ni Michael Crichton. (mao ni ang reason nga if naai mag-ask nako who my favorite author is kay Crichton agad ang answer)

After many attempts, mao na to.. nigive-in na ko nga dili jud ko bookworm. I prefer movies. Short attention span jud guro ko. And i think that’s okay.