LEt’s get this straight. I never was a bookworm and never will. And i conquered na the pressure of people always thinking nga I am. Why? Ngano if ever murag school achiever ka then people will think nga tigbasa ka ug Libro or  fan ka ug Harry Potter Book series. I’m not that. Sorry.

But yeah, at one point i tried to blend in. Kay tanan nakong friends pagHS kay fan man ug HP and sikat nang magdala dala ka ug mga books and basa basa sa corner sa school. wtf! so i tried to put tawn  Pero never read a whole book jud just for leisure. I just settled watching movies. Imagine days of reading a book in just 2 hr lingkod while watching a movie. Convenient deshou!

The firsts book i read from cover to cover was “Charlottes Web” for my first Book Reading Report pag Elementary. Gihulman pa to namo sa among School Library. The second book, I don’t even remember. Basta naa pud toy summer nga naguba among tv so wa choice kundi mobasa ug book and didto nako gibasa ang The Sphere ni Michael Crichton. (mao ni ang reason nga if naai mag-ask nako who my favorite author is kay Crichton agad ang answer)

After many attempts, mao na to.. nigive-in na ko nga dili jud ko bookworm. I prefer movies. Short attention span jud guro ko. And i think that’s okay.