Ibang Level!

While nag soul-searching ko sa Akihabara (the land of gadgets), naabot ko sa isa ka place of headphones/earphones.

I am really not a fan of headphones kay alang i don’t like the pressure. Yes i don’t like the the pressure nga kailangan ko mag-asawa para macontinue ang Verano sa among family  nga it gives sa akong ulo kay it gives me headache. That’s why i settled for earphones.

But trying them is okay lang naman. So here’s this one nga pagbutang nako sa akong ears kay murag nauplift akong soul. The sound was so crisp, the bass was amazing, the level of ethereality is superb. Depending pud guro sa music. The music was unknown para nako though. Naintriga na noon ko nga mopalit. BUT then pagtan-aw na ko sa price, tumatagingting na 200,000Yen! Lol that’s around 90Thousand pesos. Hala oie pagpuyo, maprenda ni?! Ibang level!

And so i immediately walked away and I remember a friend nga once twitted : “there should be a place in hell for people who want expensive things(crap), right?”  lol. For me if makaafford ka then follow your heart. I can’t afford it so i settle with what i can lang. Short story.



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