When to Forgive?

I have high regards to couples who continue to be in a relationship eventhough they’ve been in a situation where one of them cheated. And kanang “cheated” is a very vague term. I believe nga ang epitome of cheating is having sex with another person. Is it really okay to forgive such heinous act? I have high regards to them because, I cant!

If flirt flirt lang, that is okay. If it comes to a point where a kiss  is involved, okay pa rin. Pero caught in the act of having sex or something nga giconfess jud nimo sa imong partner, that is just totally another level. And my mentor once told me that once a cheater will always be a cheater. I don’t know sa akong stand on that though.

My point is unsa may makaassure sa imo nga dili na na niya buhaton balik? By promise? Diba promises are made to be broken? I bet the other one would be more cautious and jealous everytime makita niya makigstorya ang isa sa laing tao? And i bet the cheater-one will be more hesitant to tell the partner about all her/his friendship encounters. Cheating creates a gap.

Moreover, the act-of-cheating will always be brought up everytime mag-away mo. If naai dako nga away, the cheating will always be there as a silent backup rebuttal topic. IT will never die. It’s the ultimate weapon and it will always be the easiest sword to break up a long-term relationship.

When you feel that you have all the love in the world, but you just keep doing things to mess it up. Maybe sometimes love just ain’t enough. haha

Mao na mga miga ug migo if naa na gani kay the one, stop flirting. Stop testing the waters. Be faithful. Learn to tighten those belts even tighter. Ayaw himoang lubricant ang alcohol para maus-us na imong shorts. haha

My friend nga panganlan lang natong Carla Danica Marie had this kind of experience. Iyang boyfriend had sex with her friend. Nadungisan ang trust. Gitry ug tanggap lahat. There’s too much to lose. Too much investments. Is it worth it nga bulagon jud? They tried. But then eventually broke up. And that was like a 3 year relationship.

Before, i thought nga if dugay na kaayo mo, you should work it out. Sayang ang panahon. But now, i realize nga it’s okay to break it up. Why lengthen a wavering relationship full of doubts and hesitation, hoping nga everything will be forgotten and forgiven.. But the mind doesn’t work that way. The mind always remember.



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