Too Short!

The feeling that a year seems dugay na kaayo, but 3 years seems to be too short. And everyday murag walay changes sa akoa but looking back sa first time jud, marealize nako nga dako na diay kaayog kausaban. Life is so mysterious.

Nakahunahuna ko, it seems like immature lang gihapon ko para sa akong age. Maybe i should stop this funny-aura and begin to be more serious towards everything. Maybe i should start sporting that fierce look. Maybe then i will realize the logic between people who doesn’t have FB accounts, or people nga naa unta pero sadjang mashadong dili active. I always wonder how other people compensate if wala silay FB accounts and then i realize nga mostly sa mga walay FB accounts are people i know nga very serious about life. Kanang tipong dili tig-joke,kanang tipong dili-tigsmile, kanang tipong-di nako maexplain.

Life is too short to think about things nga makapa-sad. And an 8 hr per day work is too short para mabuhat nako tanan nakong dapat buhaton like kani nga entry nga dapat unta magsend ko ug email sa vendor, pero nikalit alt tab akong kamot ug sulat ug something too short. hahaha ahak. Mao nang dili cohesive kay random thoughts lang naggawas. I need a life. Mouli na kog Pinas! Gaulan sa gawas. Naay dinner out unya. Long weekend.



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