All is well.

One year ago, nahitabo ang dreaded month. It was a month of heartaches and grudge. Actually murag nag blog ko about ato. There were friends nga nagchat and nagcomfort sa ako. But all i said is  I don’t give a damn and i continued with my life with a budhi na kasing itim ng uling. And yeah, i learned to rebel and 悪口 in the back of my head.

So i think it’s proper to have an entry na napapanahon. The long wait is over. Though if promoted or not, it woudn’t make any big difference na than before. I was the kind nga if mapromote then okay and if dili kay okay lang din.  If a year ago, i would have celebrated it with full overflowing joy librehan ang batch mode. But right now, murag wala lang. I don’t really feel the urge. lol. But nikuyog ko ni Shema for a little eating -out because no one would know the feelings i gone through a year ago other than Shema. So pizza party pa more.

But i am happy for the title. Though, it’s not important kay mas prefer nako ang dakog increase. And mas prefer nako nga happy ko sa project, sa new friends, etc. I will always be happy and grateful for AWS. Marunong akong tumanaw ng utang na loob. Dili ko #bitter. Dili susama anang mang resign and talk bad sa ilang previous company. I believe ug unsa pa na kabati imong experience, it is still an experience and you learn something from it somehow. So spread love not hate. All is well.



The Perfect Engagement.


Gihigugma tika sa tibook kong kasingkasing.
Gihatag ang tanan, wa nay pasubaling.
Unya na-engaged, i thought this is it
Apan nganong pagkadugay nahimo mang kasakit.

Ug natanto ko kung unsa jud nang gitawag
nga perfect engagement sa manag-uyab.
Ayaw ug engage ug di pa magpakasal.
Pag-engage lang kung nareserve na ang simbahan.

Kay ngano gud dawng dugaydugayon pa?
Kung sa simbahan jud ang padulongan ba
Kung wa pay budget then uyab lang sa.
Ayaw ug pangatik anang engage-engage ngara.

Makapressure ning giahak
engaged daw kay para di mangitag laing uyab.
Engaged for a year? two or more pa ana?
Or hangtod ang tiyan wa pay sud nga bata.

-babayng pak-an