Why did God stop talking to us?

I believe that God exists. I believe that He is powerful. But then why did He stop talking to us?

Ingon among pastor, that God is a jealous God, and angry and punishing type. Pero if He really is, then wala ta sha nagstop ug direct communication sa mga tao. He can end the war and hunger at one snap of His fingers, pero wala.

And because of this panghunahuna, athiests were created. I don’t think God wants that. Pero He just let it. Maybe ganahan lang jud si Lord ug drama pud. Ginapabayaan ang mga tao nga maghimo sa ilang kaugalingong drama sa kinabuhi. To suffer the consequence sa ilang mga gipangbuhat. Watching us like we are in the movies.

Naa koi nabasa nga book nga something “Where is God when it hurts?” and tinood ba jud nang Footprints in the Sand? or it’s just our thinking para lang to comfort ourselves? Kay human as we are, we have to believe in something. Bisag unsa pa na basta something. Nakahunahuna na noon ko, so all our ancestors before Christianity was introduced sa Pinas, are all of them in Hell now?


But I’m raised in a very christian family, i believe naai reason si Lord. Everything will make sense in the end. Just have faith. God’s voice is in the words of the Pastor, our friends, random strangers etc. basta mao na akong pagtoo.



2 thoughts on “Why did God stop talking to us?

  1. Premise 1: Whatever begins to exist has a cause
    Premise 2: The universe began to exist

    Therefore the universe has a cause.
    And that points to a reality, beyond the universe, a transcendent reality beyond space and time and therefore non physical and immaterial which created the universe out of nothing and rather into being.

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