And that is how you lose friends.

Ironically, the reason why you lose friends is because daghan kag bag-ong mga friends. T_T

Abi nakog unlimited ang friendship spots sa atong kinabuhi pero dili man diay. Susama ra shag Pokemon bag sa Pokemon Go. And because you make too many acquaintances and you try to be good friends with them and so mao to, malimtan nimo ang imong mga friends na unta, because mosulod na ang unsa ug si kinsa na imong mga priorities.

Your friends become acquiantances  and vice versa. And the cycle continues. And the time nga maremember nimo imong mga higala, momessage ka nila, moinvite ka nila, motry to renew ang friendship. PERO dili na sila magpakabana sa imoha kay naa na pud silay laing new friends, laing mga priorities, laing kinabuhi.

Truly, you can never be at different places at the same time. And that’s how life works. And migo ug miga, that is how you lose friends.



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