3 Years and Ending.

Hala oie.. Nov10 akong official anniversary date diri sa bansa ng mga Hapon. Tatlong taong kasiyahan at hinagpis. Tatlong taong finding myself… Tatlong taong searching for what my purpose in life is. Tatlong taong contemplating nga from day 1 until now, what have i become?! Ganun!

I told myself nga 3 years is enough sa bansang banyaga. It’s time to look for another adventure. Time to look for something new. Kanang new nga makabuhay sa akong lamang loob. Im not saying that Japan has bored me to death. I loved Japan. It has been good to me. Daghan ko nameet nga new friends and experienced many things that i never imagined i could.

So i finally decided nga dili na ko mangita ug work diri guro oie.. Mag-uli sa guro ko ug Pinas and let God lead na pud the way if asa ko niya gusto ibutang. Nagrequest naman pud ko like last year pa nga mouli na jud ko after 3 years.. Mao ra na akong maoffer sa akong lifespan.

This year kay wala ko nagcelebrate oie. Gitugnaw man gud ko while on my way home. Would have loved to go to ichiran or Ootoya (my favorite). Got lazy and just went to Hanamasa, bought some BABY CHEESES (pronounced with Gloria Prichett’s accent) and called it a day.

Today is Friday, hopefully something good will happen and maynta dli ko mabusy. Busy kaayo ko karon nga week ae.. ambot.. Pero you know, if busy kaayo ko dira ko makakita ug time para magblog. IT’s called balancing your concentration.



I love you LENOVO. From the bottom of my broken heart. #charaught


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