Naa koi nafigure out sa akong self karon. It’s something about how i feel towards other people. Not the friendly kind of way but romantically.

Macrush ko ug mga gwapo but i fall in love with the not so much.

Somehow dili ko ganahan ma romantically inclined ug mga gwapo, macho etc.  I admire them, yes, pero dira ra kutob.. igat igat ra jud guro. Exchange lines but nothing happens.

Insecure man gud ko mao nang i feel nga dili jud ko moend up ug kanang grabe ka gwapo. Mao nang fuckboys ra na sila sa akoa. My interests in them doesn’t grow that much. Most pud sa akong nakaila nga mga ang ana kay mga feelingera gud, kanang tipong I should do all the job (talking, effort, etc)

That’s why i go for the mediocre type. Kanang doable. (Mao nang term jud nako permi). And most of them are good talkers and im so weak sa mga ang ana. haha atay.

Basically, bottomline is, you get attracted by the looks but it’s whats inside that gets you hooked up.




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