This is my first entry for 2017.

Hahaizt daghan kaayog kausaban sa kinabuhi oie. I am hoping nga this year will be another lifechanging year nga full of happiness, new friends, new goals, etc.

My mantra for this year is to be a better me ( as always) but wait there’s more. A better me in terms on how i deal with other people. I have always been the kind who keeps and treasure friendship (bisan ug just another acquaintance ra ang tan-aw nila sa ako). This year, i will learn the art of letting go. To keep people who love and needs me and let go of people who gives me nothing to hold on to. #pak.

I will be more decisive not only sa permi pagpili sa Jollibee if naai mag-ask if aha maglunchout. I must be open to other choices. I will TRY to break the “don’t fixe what aint broken” rule nako since the start sa akong kinabuhi. Sometimes you fix it to make it better. Change the “fix” to upgrade.

Mao ra to sha. All hail to the year of the COCK!


Shoutout sa akong Batchmates sa First Company nako!



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