Im a proud 27 year old.

Daghan na kaayong mga bag-ong pangyayari sa kinabuhi. Wala ko nakatoo nga ang ani na akong edad. 27 years of tears and laughters. Daghan gihapon kaayog dapat makat-onan. Ang kinabuhi is a forward path. We can’t change the past but we can learn from it.

CAREER. Ug tood man, this year is gonna be a better one. New adventures, new endeavors. This will be the year nga biyaan na nako akong comfort diri sa Japan and face ang akong napabayaang mga butang sa Pinas. Ako lang ithink nga in every place / work nga mabelong ka, there are always new things to learn. Grab the opportunity.

LOVELIFE. I’ve been single for a very long period of time. And i don’t feel any pressure or loneliness. Basin naanad na ko. Wala na koi care if unsa man gani. Yeah, makathink ta sometimes nga better if naa kay kuyog. Pero sometimes happy ra ko to do things my way nga wala koi hunahunaon. If it’s meant to be nga naai maabot, then i will be open for it. Pero dili nako sha priority. #careerLangSaTa

HEALTH. Sa akong mga posts, i always say i have this constant battle with my weight. This year, I will try to be more critical sa akong food intake and sa akong exercise. Balik alindog and muscle build up. Pahilison ta ning man boobs. lol

FAMILY and FRIENDS.  Spend more time with them. Sometimes, money is not needed man. What matters is kuyog mo. I should not be very busy growing up and earning to forget that my parents are also getting old. For friends, naa ra jud ko permi. Karong nanagko na ta, makita na jud nato if kinsa tong mga friends nga dapat nato itreasure.

*This year, dili na usong libre oie. Wala na jud ko nagcelebrate. Kaon kaon nalng and gamay nga gathering. Ganahan unta jud ko nga wala nalang unta jud. This was a joint celeb with Rez and Noel. So happy for the people nga niadto. B4 was complete.



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